Facebook users can access the support page link from the upper right hand side of the Mafia Wars page under Help and clicking on Support. One can also go there directly using the link

Frequently Asked QuestionsEdit

From the site, the first page is a list of F.A.Q.'s. Depending on your personal issue, the F.A.Q. may or may not benefit you personally. If more information is necessary, you can type a keyword into the box on the bottom of the page. Note: If you traveled to the page directly from Mafia Wars, the game is automatically listed.

Zynga Support Ticket 2

You can search through the list for any topics relating to your question, or even click 'Advanced Search' from above the text box with your query to refine it or sort the list of topics. If you still need to communicate directly with a support agent from Zynga, click "E-mail Us" under the Contact Us option.

Zynga Support Ticket 3

Sending a Support TicketEdit

Short link for Submitting ticket

Zynga does not share personal information with outside sources. However, some information, like your E-mail address and Social Network ID have to be accurate to the account used to play, so that Zynga may effectively respond to your question.

If cookies are enabled, in some browsers the page will automatically input your e-mail address, name, and UID from the previous attempt.

For help with your UID, use the link given.

When you submit, you will receive a reference number and a confirmation message sent to your e-mail address.

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