This page includes a list of all known Cross Promotion Items that are offered in the respective games to promote Mafia Wars. They are not unreleased Mafia Wars items. These are items you get in the game that promote Mafia Wars (i.e. FarmVille). For Mafia Wars Related Cross Promotion, check out Zynga Gifts .


Hot Rod Tractor Hot Rod Seeder Hot Rod Harvester Mafia Wars Mystery Fuel Box
Hot Rod-icon Hot Rod Seeder-icon Hot Rod Harvester-icon FuelBox
Roman Horse
Roman Horse-icon


Dark Horse
Dark Horse

Zynga PokerEdit

Bling Knuckles


Sharp Axe Roman Bust
Sharp Axe Promo-icon Roman Bust-icon

Café WorldEdit

Super Stove
Super Stove-icon

Treasure IsleEdit

Golden Ticket
Golden Ticket-icon

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