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Yaa Baa Parlor

Initial Costs Edit

Initial Takeover Cost: B$300,000

Initial Takeover Output: 1 Hyper Alert Sentry every 3 hours

Upgrades Edit

Production Profit Edit

Maximum Capacity Edit

  • Initial Capacity: 5
  • Upgrade Capacity to 10 for B$60,000
  • Upgrade Capacity to 15 for B$102,000
  • Upgrade Capacity to 20 for B$173,400
  • Upgrade Capacity to 25 for B$294,800
  • Upgrade Capacity to 30 for B$501,100
  • Upgrade Capacity to 35 for B$851,900
  • Upgrade Capacity to 40 for B$1,448,300
  • Upgrade Capacity to 45 for B$2,462,000
  • Upgrade Capacity to 50 for B$4,185,500

Output (Per 3 Hours) Edit

  • Initial Output: 1
  • Upgrade Output to 2 for B$60,000
  • Upgrade Output to 3 for B$102,000
  • Upgrade Output to 4 for B$173,400
  • Upgrade Output to 5 for B$294,800
  • Upgrade Output to 6 for B$501,100
  • Upgrade Output to 7 for B$851,900
  • Upgrade Output to 8 for B$1,448,300
  • Upgrade Output to 9 for B$2,462,000
  • Upgrade Output to 10 for B$4,185,500

Total Costs and Profit Edit

Fully Upgraded Cost: B$20,158,000

Fully Upgraded Output: 10 Hyper Alert Sentries every 3 Hours

Trivia Edit

In Thai language, yaa baa (ยาบ้า) (literally: "crazy medicine") is the popular expression for amphetamines.

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