Top Mafia position that awards Less Energy on Jobs (up to 10%) Choose a member with the Fearless character type and a high level to promote to Wheelman to get a reduced energy cost for jobs. On July 1, 2010 the maximum bonus was reduced from 11% to 10%.

Your Wheelman gains a small chance to perform jobs for no energy. Topmafia wheelman bg


Wheelman Bonus

Reduces energy required for Jobs
Player Level Bonus %
1 to 18 1
19 to 28 2
29 to 38 3
39 to 48 4
49 to 58 5
59 to 78 6
79 to 98 7
99 to 148 8
149 to 198 9
199 to 298 10
299+ 11
Fearless Only


Many All Energy players purposefully select the Fearless character type in order to gain the "small chance to perform jobs for no energy" benefit of being promoted to a Top Mafia Wheelman.

For accounts that rely more on Energy refills from leveling than regeneration, this class benefit is considerably better than the reduced Energy timer for Maniac players.

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