Warehouse5 small
Warehouse5 robbed
Warehouse is unlocked after completing the job Move Smuggled Liquor in The Old Warehouse.

You can make an item (Weapons, Armor or Vehicles) every 23 hours.

Level Materials Payout
BlackMarket1 Move Smuggled Liquor Item sinker 01
Icon attack 16x1683 Icon defense 16x1654 Mw tournament icon atk def137
Chic clam sm 25
BlackMarket2 Item union worker 01 x1, Item carpenter nails 01 x1, Item lath strips 01 x1, Item iron cast 01 x1, Item douglas fir beams 01 x1

Item sugar daddy 01
Sugar Daddy
Icon attack 16x1691 Icon defense 16x1661 Mw tournament icon atk def152
Chic clam sm 50
BlackMarket3 Item union worker 01 x3, Item carpenter nails 01 x3, Item lath strips 01 x3, Item iron cast 01 x3, Item douglas fir beams 01 x3

Item smoking jacket 01
Smoking Jacket
Icon attack 16x1648 Icon defense 16x1674 Mw tournament icon atk def122
Chic clam sm 75
BlackMarket4 Item union worker 01 x5, Item carpenter nails 01 x5, Item lath strips 01 x5, Item iron cast 01 x5, Item douglas fir beams 01 x5

Item savage suspenders 01
Savage Suspenders
Icon attack 16x1669 Icon defense 16x1646 Mw tournament icon atk def115
Chic clam sm 100
BlackMarket5 Item union worker 01 x7, Item carpenter nails 01 x7, Item lath strips 01 x7, Item iron cast 01 x7, Item douglas fir beams 01 x7

Item smokeeater 01
Smoke Eater
Icon attack 16x1686 Icon defense 16x1656 Mw tournament icon atk def142
Chic clam sm 125
BlackMarket6 Item union worker 01 x9, Item carpenter nails 01 x9, Item lath strips 01 x9, Item iron cast 01 x9, Item douglas fir beams 01 x9

Item dapper flapper 01
Dapper Flapper
Icon attack 16x1696 Icon defense 16x1663 Mw tournament icon atk def159
Chic clam sm 150
BlackMarket7 Item union worker 01 x11, Item carpenter nails 01 x11, Item lath strips 01 x11, Item iron cast 01 x11, Item douglas fir beams 01 x11

Item boby grand 01
Boby Grand
Icon attack 16x1680 Icon defense 16x1650 Mw tournament icon atk def130
Chic clam sm 175
BlackMarket8 Item union worker 01 x13, Item carpenter nails 01 x13, Item lath strips 01 x13, Item iron cast 01 x13, Item douglas fir beams 01 x13

Item gate crash 01
Gate Crasher
Icon attack 16x1646 Icon defense 16x1670 Mw tournament icon atk def116
Chic clam sm 200
BlackMarket9 Item union worker 01 x15, Item carpenter nails 01 x15, Item lath strips 01 x15, Item iron cast 01 x15, Item douglas fir beams 01 x15

Item schooner 01
Icon attack 16x1655 Icon defense 16x1683 Mw tournament icon atk def138
Chic clam sm 225
BlackMarket10 Item union worker 01 x17, Item carpenter nails 01 x17, Item lath strips 01 x17, Item iron cast 01 x17, Item douglas fir beams 01 x17

Item kisser splitter 01
Kisser Splitter
Icon attack 16x1649 Icon defense 16x1675 Mw tournament icon atk def124
Chic clam sm 250
Total Item union worker 01 x81, Item carpenter nails 01 x81, Item lath strips 01 x81, Item iron cast 01 x81, Item douglas fir beams 01 x81


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