Vegas Jackpot Weekend
Available from July 16, 2010
Available until July 18, 2010
Type Loot Event


Vegas Jackpot WeekendEdit


The Vegas Jackpot Weekend was reintroduced on July 16, 2010 to July 18, 2010. It is the same event as the Las Vegas Loot Event.

Vegas LootEdit

Item Type Icon attack 16x16 Attack Icon defense 16x16 Defense Drop From
Item bigblind 01
Big Blind
Weapons 52 25 Fights
Item casinoguard 01
Casino Guard
Armor 48 28 Fights
Item stageshowtiger 01
Stage Show Tiger
Animals 28 50 Fights
Item thehighroller 01
High Roller
Vehicles 46 23 Jobs
Item royalflush 01
Royal Flush
Weapons 48 25 Jobs
Item suitofsuits 01
Suit of Suits
Armor 46 24 Jobs
Item vivalasvegas 01
Viva Las Vegas
Armor 27 50 Jobs
Item thejackpot 01
Weapons 30 54 Collect all 7 Items
  • You can find a maximum of 10 of the Vegas Jackpot loot items.
  • You can only own one Jackpot

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