Uptown Hotel
Uptown Hotel image
Level 100 Uptown Hotel
Map caption
Vital statistics
Type Property
Level 1 - ∞
Location Old New York
Inhabitants N/A

The Uptown Hotel is the 9th property in Old New York. It is situated between the "Office Park" and the "Mega Casino". They earn a relatively large amount of money. A level 500 Uptown Hotel can reel in 2,520,000,000 in stone cold cash every 24 hours. The cost to upgrade varies depending on what level it already is.


The Uptown Hotel was avaliable for a long period of time to all players, however it is now being minimalized and is only avaliable to players who have been members for a long amount of time as it is not avaliable to new players who are being served the upgraded "New York" map of Manhattan.


In "Old New York" where the "Uptown Hotel" is situated there are many other properties. These include (Louies Deli, Flophouse, Pawnshop, Restaurant, Warehouse, Tenenment, Dockyard, Mega Casino, Office Park, Chop Shop and Weapons Depot.


Agostino Cleto, Luis Castana and Detective West are all inhabitants of old New York and the area surrounding the "Uptown Hotel"


Money is the only thing this property reels in

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