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Truck Driver
Boost truckdriver 75x75 01
-Image © Zynga
Type Boosts
Effects -6 job energy costs
Icon buy 18x13 01 Buy 16 Influence
Mw wishlist-feed 90x90
This loot could be added to your Wishlist:

Aside from their usefulness in saving you valuable energy points, Truck Driver boosts can also be use to level up. Under Soldier is a job called 'Asian Museum Break-in" that requires 6 energy points. When used in conjunction with a Truck Driver boost, the net cost of the job is one boost consumed, no energy used. It 's conceivable that with enough Truck Drivers, you could boost your way through a level without ever spending a single energy point! Try them next time you come up 50 points short of a level up, and you'll see just how useful this boost truly is.

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