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Trafficking Operation

Initial Costs Edit

Initial Takeover Cost: R$26,250,000

Initial Takeover Output: R$900,000 every 3 hours

This business used to be unavailable until Episode 6, Chapter 3, but this restriction was removed on 11th November 2009.

Upgrades Edit

Production Profit Edit

  • Initial Product: Vodka (R$9,000)
  • Upgrade Product to Caviar (R$11,250) for R$7,200,000
  • Upgrade Product to Stolen Artwork (R$13,500) for R$10,080,000
  • Upgrade Product to Yachts (R$15,750) for R$14,112,000
  • Upgrade Product to Undocumented Workers (R$18,000) for R$19,756,800

Maximum Capacity Edit

  • Initial Capacity: 800
  • Upgrade Capacity to 960 for R$3,600,000
  • Upgrade Capacity to 1120 for R$4,680,000
  • Upgrade Capacity to 1280 for R$6,084,000
  • Upgrade Capacity to 1440 for R$7,909,200
  • Upgrade Capacity to 1600 for R$10,282,000
  • Upgrade Capacity to 1760 for R$13,366,500
  • Upgrade Capacity to 1920 for R$17,376,500
  • Upgrade Capacity to 2080 for R$22,589,500
  • Upgrade Capacity to 2240 for R$29,366,300

Output (Per 3 Hours) Edit

  • Initial Output: 100
  • Upgrade Output to 120 for R$3,600,000
  • Upgrade Output to 140 for R$4,680,000
  • Upgrade Output to 160 for R$6,084,000
  • Upgrade Output to 180 for R$7,909,200
  • Upgrade Output to 200 for R$10,282,000
  • Upgrade Output to 220 for R$13,366,500
  • Upgrade Output to 240 for R$17,376,500
  • Upgrade Output to 260 for R$22,589,500
  • Upgrade Output to 280 for R$29,366,300

Total Costs and Profit Edit

Fully Upgraded Cost: R$307,906,800

Fully Upgraded Output: R$5,040,000 every 3 Hours

Daily Profit: R$5,040,000 x 8 = $R40,320,000 / Day

ROI: R$307,906,800 Cost / R$40,320,000 Daily Profit = 7.63 Days to Return Investment

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