Pantheon Trophies CollectionEdit

  • Obtained: Tournament
  • Vault Bonus: +10% chance to win a Tournament
  • Revault Boost: Cannot revault
Atlas Trophy Wishlist Herculean Trophy Wishlist Ares Trophy Wishlist Zeus Trophy Wishlist Athena Trophy Wishlist Artemis Trophy Wishlist Poseidon Trophy Wishlist
Standard 75x75 collect trophy1 01-1- Standard 75x75 collect trophy2 01-1- Standard 75x75 collect trophy3 01-1- Standard 75x75 collect trophy4 01-1- Standard 75x75 collect trophy5 01-1- Standard 75x75 collect trophy6 01-1- Standard 75x75 collect trophy7 01-1-

Continental Rings CollectionEdit

  • Obtained: Tournament
  • Vault Bonus: +10% chips from Tournaments
  • Revault Boost: Cannot revault
Oceania Ring Wishlist Europe Ring Wishlist Asia Ring Wishlist South America Ring Wishlist North America Ring Wishlist Antartica Ring Wishlist Africa Ring Wishlist
Oceaniaring Europering Asiaring Southarmericaring Northarmericaring Antarticaring Africaring

Championship Belts CollectionEdit

  • Obtained: Tournament
  • Vault Bonus: +10% exp from Tournaments
  • Revault Boost: Cannot revault
City Belt Wishlist State Belt Wishlist Regional Belt Wishlist National Belt Wishlist Continental Belt Wishlist World Belt Wishlist Universal Belt Wishlist
Citybelt Statebelt Regionalbelt Nationalbelt Continentalbelt Worldbelt Universalbelt


The Pantheon Trophies are mainly from Greek Mythology. Only Hercules is Roman. Hercules is the Roman equivalent of Heracles. The myths are mainly the same since the Romans copied most of the Greek Mythology into their own.

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