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This article is dedicated to the Top 5 Giftable Vehicles. These are Vehicle items that can be added to Wishlist and sent as gift.

Top OFFENSIVE Vehicles - GiftableEdit

No Vehicle Icon-attack Attack Vehicle details
1 Item 3-wheelscooter 01
3-Wheel_Scooter Wishlist
109 War
2 Item cmtango 01
CM Tango Wishlist
109 Return To Cuba
3 Item hopchopper bronze 01
Hop Chopper Wishlist
109 Hangar
4 Item hummerpotamus 01
Hummerpotamus Wishlist
108 Boss Fight
5 Item ambulance 01
Ambulance Wishlist
108 Biohazard Crate

Top DEFENSIVE Vehicles - GiftableEdit

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No Vehicle Icon-defense Defense Vehicle details
1 Item powerslide gold 01
Power Slide Wishlist
108 Demolition Lab
2 Item banshee ruby 01
Banshee Wishlist
108 Brazil Ruby Mastery Event
3 Item dissipated bronze 01
Dissipated Wishlist
108 Arc Reactor
4 Item mortis 01
Mortis Wishlist
107 War
5 Item cheeder 01
Cheeder Wishlist
107 Boss Fight

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