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This article is dedicated to the Top 5 Giftable Henchmen. This includes Henchmen items which can be added to the Wishlist and sent as gift.

Top OFFENSIVE Henchmen - GiftableEdit

No Henchmen Icon-attack Attack Henchmen details
1 Item sportsfanatic ruby 01
Sports Fanatic Wishlist
84 Sports Bar
2 Item mamacita gold 01
Mamacita Wishlist
84 Biker Clubhouse
3 Item strongarm bronze 01
Strong Arm Wishlist
84 Armory
4 Item italianmaid gold 01
Italian Housekeeper Wishlist
83 Venetian Condo
5 Item mamacita silver 01
Mamacita Wishlist
83 Biker Clubhouse

Top DEFENSIVE Henchmen - GiftableEdit

No Henchmen Icon-defense Defense Henchmen details
1 Item cabdriver 01
Cab Driver Wishlist
85 Urban Agents
2 Item tailgunner gold 01
Tail Gunner Wishlist
82 Biker Clubhouse
3 Item taxcollector 01
Tax Collector Wishlist
82 Seized Tax Crate
4 Item tailgunner silver 01
Tail Gunner Wishlist
80 Biker Clubhouse
5 Item tundracommando 01
Tundra Commmando Wishlist
79 Secret Stash

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