This article is dedicated to the Top 5 Giftable Armor. This is Armor items that can be added to Wishlist and sent as gift.

Top OFFENSIVE Armor - GiftableEdit

No Armor Icon-attack Attack Armor details
1 Item smokeeater 01
Smoke Eater Wishlist
86 Warehouse
2 Item shoulderarmor 01
Reaction Contraption Wishlist
85 Steampunk Crate
3 Item securitygloves 01
Pair of Security Gloves Wishlist
82 A Family Affair
4 Item iglooshield 01
Igloo Shield Wishlist
82 Holiday Item Sale 2010
5 Item thighwillbedone gold 01
Thigh Will Be Done Wishlist
81 Tad's Gun Shop

Top DEFENSIVE Armor - GiftableEdit

No Armor Icon-defense Defense Armor details
1 Item climberleggings 01
Climber Leggings Wishlist
85 Fight Loot,Robbing
2 Item stoutshoulders bronze 01
Stout Shoulders Wishlist
85 Armory
3 Item sonnysuit 01
Sonny's Suit Wishlist
81 Miami Vice Promotion
4 Item sleevedarmoredvest 01
Sleeved Armored Vest Wishlist
81 Citi Rewards
5 Item tlingitparka 01
Tlingit Parka Wishlist
81 War

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