This article is dedicated to the Top 5 Giftable Animals. This includes Animal items which can be added to the Wishlist and sent as gift.

Top OFFENSIVE Animals - GiftableEdit

No Animals Icon-attack Attack Animal details
1 Item arabianstallion ruby 01
Arabian Stallion Wishlist
109 Brazil Ruby Mastery Event
2 Item iberianlynx 01
Iberian Lynx Wishlist
109 Fight Loot, Robbing
3 Item spermwhale 01
Sperm Whale Wishlist
108 Jackpot Bonus
4 Item binturong 01
Binturong Wishlist
107 Boss Fight
5 Item gulpereel 01
Gulper Eel Wishlist
105 War

Top DEFENSIVE Animals - GiftableEdit

No Animals Icon-defense Defense Animal details
1 Item sumopanda 01
Sumo Panda Wishlist
108 Jackpot Bonus
2 Item bluecoralsnake 01
Blue Coral Snake Wishlist
108 Loot:Brazil
3 Item perentie bronze 01
Perentie Wishlist
108 Marketplace#Group Sales
4 Item smoothsnake 01
Smooth Snake Wishlist
108 London
5 Item alpaca 01
Alpaca Wishlist
107 Jackpot Bonus

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