Titles are the key indicators of status in Mafia Wars. The majority of titles are for job completion in all major locations (cities and countries), with the exception of Atlantic City. There are 3 titles for each tier mastery in New York, Cuba, and Moscow; and 4 titles for each tier mastery in Manhattan, Bangkok, Las Vegas, Italy, Brazil, Chicago, and London. However, the last two districts in Las Vegas (Area 51 and Hoover Dam) do NOT give any titles.

On occasion, players change the title to a lower rank to trick others to attack them, while other players prefer to change the title to a higher rank to avoid being attacked.

Other titlesEdit

As of March 27, 2010, you are given titles for mastering Robbing, which is determined by the number of successful robberies. The highest rank for robbing is "Grand Master Thief", obtained after Level 10 Mastery which requires 26,585 robberies. In addition to this, there are also titles for mastering Fights, which depends on the number of fights won. The maximum rank is "Master Assassin" at Level 21 Mastery obtained after 100,000 successful fights.

With the introduction of Tournaments in Las Vegas, there are 10 additional titles for tournaments. However, the rank is determined by the number of fans, not the number of tournaments won. Thus, even if you lose in a final of a tournament, you will still increase the number of fans, albeit at half the rate as compared to winning the tournament. The highest rank for this is "World Champion".

Collection titles were introduced on April 5, 2010. The current title is shown on the Profile page under the heading Collections. The number of times you have vaulted a Collection in a city is shown, together with the number of vaults necessary for your next rank. Revaulting a collection DOES count towards the number of vaults. The highest rank for collections is "Master Collector". Your Collection title currently CANNOT be used before your Mafia profile name.

The only event to give titles as rewards was the Beat The Feds Challenge, made available from August 13–24, 2010. The titles were "Skilled Boss", "Master Boss", and "Grand Master Boss", for bronze, silver, and gold level mastery. These titles are similar to the titles given after completing the Boss tier in New York.

Custom titlesEdit

Admins can use any custom title they like, i.e. The Master and Zynga QA.

The Master

Other languagesEdit

Other than in English, Mafia Wars can be played in four other languages – Indonesian, German, French, and Spanish. Thus, it is possible to have titles in the those languages. For a complete list of all titles currently available and their translations in the five Mafia Wars languages, see List of Titles in Different Languages.

List of Job titlesEdit

New York (and Manhattan)Edit

Tier Title
Street Thug Street Thug
Skilled Street Thug
Master Street Thug
Grand Master Street Thug[1]
Associate Associate
Skilled Associate
Master Associate
Grand Master Associate[1]
Soldier Soldier
Skilled Soldier
Master Soldier
Grand Master Soldier[1]
Enforcer Enforcer
Skilled Enforcer
Master Enforcer
Grand Master Enforcer[1]
Hitman Hitman
Skilled Hitman
Master Hitman
Grand Master Hitman[1]
Capo Capo
Skilled Capo
Master Capo
Grand Master Capo[1]
Consigliere Consigliere
Skilled Consigliere
Master Consigliere
Grand Master Consigliere[1]
Underboss Underboss
Skilled Underboss
Master Underboss
Grand Master Underboss[1]
Boss Boss
Skilled Boss[2]
Master Boss[2]
Grand Master Boss[1][2]


Tier Titles[3]
El Soldado El Soldado
El Soldado Experto
El Soldado Principal
El Capitan El Capitan
El Capitan Experto
El Capitan Principal
El Jefe El Jefe
El Jefe Experto
El Jefe Principal
El Patron El Patron
El Patron Experto
El Patron Principal
El Padrino El Padrino
El Padrino Experto
El Padrino Principal
El Cacique El Cacique
El Cacique Experto
El Cacique Principal


Episode Title[4]
Baklany Baklany
Umelyj Baklany
Matyoryj Baklany
Boets Boets
Umelyj Boets
Matyoryj Boets
Brigadir Brigadir
Umelyj Brigadir
Matyoryj Brigadir
Avtoritet Avtoritet
Umelyj Avtoritet
Matyoryj Avtoritet
Vor Vor
Umelyj Vor
Matyoryj Vor
Pakhan Pakhan
Umelyj Pakhan
Matyoryj Pakhan


Episode Title
Brawler Brawler
Apprentice Brawler
Skilled Brawler
Master Brawler
Criminal Criminal
Apprentice Criminal
Skilled Criminal
Master Criminal
Pirate Pirate
Apprentice Pirate
Skilled Pirate
Master Pirate
Commandant Commandant
Apprentice Commandant
Skilled Commandant
Master Commandant
Oyabun Oyabun
Apprentice Oyabun
Skilled Oyabun
Master Oyabun
Dragon Head Dragon Head
Apprentice Dragon Head
Skilled Dragon Head
Master Dragon Head
Saboteur Saboteur
Apprentice Saboteur
Master Saboteur
Grand Master Saboteur
Assassin Assassin
Apprentice Assassin[5]
Master Assassin[5]
Grand Master Assassin

Las VegasEdit

District Title
North Las Vegas Touristy Bandito
Local Bandito
Professional Bandito
Big Time Bandito
Paradise City Touristy Hustler
Local Hustler
Professional Hustler
Big Time Hustler
The Lower Strip Touristy Cowboy
Local Cowboy
Professional Cowboy
Big Time Cowboy
Shogun Casino Touristy Maverick
Local Maverick
Professional Maverick
Big Time Maverick
Mojave Desert Touristy Desert Rat
Local Desert Rat
Professional Desert Rat
Big Time Desert Rat
The Upper Strip Touristy Gambler
Local Gambler
Professional Gambler
Big Time Gambler
Area 51 none
Hoover Dam none


Region Title
Roma Romani Poco
Romani Forte
Romani Potente
Capo di Romani
Palermo Palermitani Poco
Palermitani Forte
Palermitani Potente
Capo di Palermitani
Venezia Venetian Poco
Venetian Forte
Venetian Potente
Capo di Venetian
Milano Milanès Poco
Milanès Forte
Milanès Potente
Capo di Milanès
Napoli Napoletani Poco
Napoletani Forte
Napoletani Potente
Capo di Napoletani
Calabria Calabrian Poco
Calabrian Forte
Calabrian Potente
Capo di Calabrian
Città del Vaticano Vaticano Poco
Vaticano Forte
Vaticano Potente
Capo di Vaticano
The Eternal City Italiano Poco
Italiano Forte
Italiano Potente
Capo di Italiano


Region Title
Rio de Janeiro: Centro Centro Tourist
Centro Local
Centro Specialist
Centro Master
Belem Belem Tourist
Belem Local
Belem Specialist
Belem Master
Manaus Manaus Tourist
Manaus Local
Manaus Specialist
Manaus Master
Sao Paolo: Heliopolis Heliopolis Tourist
Heliopolis Local
Heliopolis Specialist
Heliopolis Master
Recife Recife Tourist
Recife Local
Recife Specialist
Recife Master
Rio de Janeiro: Rocinha Rocinha Tourist
Rocinha Local
Rocinha Specialist
Rocinha Master
Rio de Janeiro: Copacabana Copacabana Tourist
Copacabana Local
Copacabana Specialist
Copacabana Master
Sao Paolo: Taubate Prison Taubate Tourist
Taubate Local
Taubate Specialist
Taubate Master


Chapter Title
Sam's Truck Shop Truck Shop Goon
Truck Shop Muscle
Truck Shop Torpedo
Truck Shop Big Cheese
Main Street Speakeasy Speakeasy Goon
Speakeasy Muscle
Speakeasy Torpedo
Speakeasy Big Cheese
The Old Warehouse Warehouse Goon
Warehouse Muscle
Warehouse Torpedo
Warehouse Big Cheese
Ballot Box Distillery Distillery Goon
Distillery Muscle
Distillery Torpedo
Distillery Big Cheese
Lakeside Docks Dock Goon
Dock Muscle
Dock Torpedo
Dock Big Cheese
Crosstown Showdown Southside Goon
Southside Muscle
Southside Torpedo
Southside Big Cheese


Chapter Title
Notes From The Underground Underground Station Baron
Underground Station Viscount
Underground Station Earl
Underground Station Marquis
East End Story East End Pub Baron
East End Pub Viscount
East End Pub Earl
East End Pub Marquis
Dead In Red Night Club Baron
Night Club Viscount
Night Club Earl
Night Club Marquis
To Russia With Love Russian Baron
Russian Viscount
Russian Earl
Russian Marquis
Schoolyard Games Schoolyard Baron
Schoolyard Viscount
Schoolyard Earl
Schoolyard Marquis
Collateral Damage Secret Service Baron
Secret Service Viscount
Secret Service Earl
Secret Service Marquis
Baby On Board Nicked Baron
Nicked Viscount
Nicked Earl
Nicked Marquis
American Psycho In London Psycho Baron
Psycho Viscount
Psycho Earl
Psycho Marquis
Turkish Delight Turkish Baron
Turkish Viscount
Turkish Earl
Turkish Marquis
Footing The Ball Football Baron
Football Viscount
Football Earl
Football Marquis

South AfricaEdit

Chapter Title
Cape Town Cape Town Chief
Cape Town Kaptein
Cape Town General
Cape Town Mogul
The Limpopo River Limpopo Chief
Limpopo Kaptein
Limpopo General
Limpopo Mogul
Bloemfontein Bloemfontein Chief
Bloemfontein Kaptein
Bloemfontein General
Bloemfontein Mogul
Kimberley Kimberley Chief
Kimberley Kaptein
Kimberley General
Kimberley Mogul
Durban Durban Chief
Durban Kaptein
Durban General
Durban Mogul
Mthatha Mthatha Chief
Mthatha Kaptein
Mthatha General
Mthatha Mogul
Mafikeng Mafikeng Chief
Mafikeng Kaptein
Mafikeng General
Mafikeng Mogul
Nelspruit Nelspruit Chief
Nelspruit Kaptein
Nelspruit General
Nelspruit Mogul
Springbok Springbok Chief
Springbok Kaptein
Springbok General
Springbok Mogul
De Aar De Aar Chief
De Aar Kaptein
De Aar General
De Aar Mogul

List of other titlesEdit


Level Number of successful robberies Title
Level 1 0 Apprentice Burglar
Level 2 10 Burglar
Level 3 35 Master Burglar
Level 4 135 Apprentice Robber
Level 5 635 Robber
Level 6 1,635 Master Robber
Level 7 4,135 Apprentice Thief
Level 8 9,135 Thief
Level 9 16,635 Master Thief
Level 10 26,635 Grand Master Thief


Level Number of fights won Title
Level 1 100 Apprentice Bully
Level 2 400 Skilled Bully
Level 3 900 Master Bully
Level 4 1,600 Apprentice Brute
Level 5 2,500 Skilled Brute
Level 6 3,600 Master Brute
Level 7 4,900 Apprentice Hunter
Level 8 6,400 Skilled Hunter
Level 9 8,100 Master Hunter
Level 10 10,200 Apprentice Slayer
Level 11 12,800 Skilled Slayer
Level 12 16,000 Master Slayer
Level 13 20,600 Apprentice Killer
Level 14 26,600 Skilled Killer
Level 15 34,000 Master Killer
Level 16 42,200 Apprentice Executioner
Level 17 51,200 Skilled Executioner
Level 18 61,000 Master Executioner
Level 19 72,400 Apprentice Assassin[5]
Level 20 85,400 Skilled Assassin
Level 21 100,000 Master Assassin[5]

Las Vegas TournamentsEdit

Rank Number of fans Title
Rank 1 20 Trainee
Rank 2 50 Sparring Partner
Rank 3 100 Novice
Rank 4 200 Journeyman
Rank 5 500 Fighter
Rank 6 1,000 Boxer
Rank 7 2,000 Contender
Rank 8 5,000 Finalist
Rank 9 10,000 Champion
Rank 10 20,000 World Champion


Number of vaults/revaults Title[6]
1–4 Saver
5–9 Collector
10–14 Enthusiast
15–19 Admirer
20–24 Art Dealer
25–29 Show Off
30–34 Skilled Collector
35–39 Expert Collector
40–44 Aficionado
45–49 Connoisseur
50–54 Best in Show
55–60 Master Collector

Beat The FedsEdit

Mastery Title
Bronze Skilled Boss[2]
Silver Master Boss[2]
Gold Grand Master Boss[2]


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