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Sugar Plantation

Initial Costs Edit

Initial Takeover Cost: C$50,000

Initial Takeover Output: C$800 every 3 hours

Upgrades Edit

Production Profit Edit

  • Initial Product is Sugar(C$8)
  • Upgrade Product to Rotgut Rum(C$10) for C$9,600
  • Upgrade Product to Golden Rum(C$12) for C$13,400
  • Upgrade Product to Dark Rum(C$14) for C$18,800
  • Upgrade Product to Anejo Rum (C$16) for C$26,300

Maximum Capacity Edit

  • Initial Capacity is 800
  • Upgrade Capacity to 960 for C$4,800
  • Upgrade Capacity to 1120 for C$6,200
  • Upgrade Capacity to 1280 for C$8,100
  • Upgrade Capacity to 1440 for C$10,500
  • Upgrade Capacity to 1600 for C$13,700
  • Upgrade Capacity to 1760 for C$17,800
  • Upgrade Capacity to 1920 for C$23,200
  • Upgrade Capacity to 2080 for C$30,100
  • Upgrade Capacity to 2240 for C$39,200

Output (Per 3 Hours) Edit

  • Initial Output is 100
  • Upgrade Output to 120 for C$4,800
  • Upgrade Output to 140 for C$6,200
  • Upgrade Output to 160 for C$8,100
  • Upgrade Output to 180 for C$10,500
  • Upgrade Output to 200 for C$13,700
  • Upgrade Output to 220 for C$17,800
  • Upgrade Output to 240 for C$23,200
  • Upgrade Output to 260 for C$30,100
  • Upgrade Output to 280 for C$39,200

Total Costs and Profit Edit

Fully Upgraded Cost: C$375,300

Fully Upgraded Output: C$4,480 every 3 Hours

ROI: C$375,300 / ( C$35,840)/day = 10.47 days to payback

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