• Cost is 20 RP for one and 55 RP for three from the Marketplace.
  • Certain Items in this category may NOT be gifted.
  • February 25, 2010 - cost increased
  • The Special Item found in these crates is from the currently available crate.
  • date? (found 23/05/11) price decreased

Available: Jan 7, 2010

Crate 1 stuffed One Stuffed Crate (Reward coin 17x17 01 20 Reward Points)

1 X Label item

3 X Label consumable

5 X Label boosts

Get a mystery crate item plus a bunch of goodies.

Crate 3 stuffed

Three Stuffed Crates (Reward coin 17x17 01 55 Reward Points)

3 X Label item

9 X Label consumable

15 X Label boosts

Bursting at the seams with regular crate items and a bunch of additional goodies.

Super stuffed Crate screenshot

What is a Super Stuffed Crate? Edit

Super Stuffed Crate is a smart work of Erik Bethke, a former GoPets designer that joined Zynga when Zynga acquired GoPets back on November 3, 2009[1]. It is modeled to be more like a Magic: the Gathering pack of cards. Over time new items will be added to the crate.

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