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Speakeasy5 robbed
Speakeasy is unlocked after completing the job in Run an Illegal Establishment Main Street Speakeasy.

The Speakeasy allows you to build Consumables for use throughout the game. The amount of Consumables you can build within each build period varies depending on your Speakeasy level, and resets back to maximum every 18 hours. You can build 1 consumable for Speakeasy level 0.5 to 1 star, 2 consumables for 1.5 to 2 stars, and so up to 5 consumables for 4.5 to and 6 consumables for 5 stars. You may build any combination of the consumables available up to the maximum allowed for your property level within the 18 hours period.

On August 2, 2013 the no longer usable Satellite Phone & Alarm Code items were replace with the Jekyll and Hyde & Ancestral Crest respectively.

Level Materials Payout
Workshop1 Run an Illegal Establishment Item body bag 01
Body Bag
Workshop2 Item union worker 01 x1, Item carpenter nails 01 x1, Item lath strips 01 x1, Item iron cast 01 x1, Item douglas fir beams 01 x1

Item incriminating documents 01
Incriminating Documents
Workshop3 Item union worker 01 x3, Item carpenter nails 01 x3, Item lath strips 01 x3, Item iron cast 01 x3, Item douglas fir beams 01 x3

Item concrete shoes 01
Concrete Shoes
Workshop4 Item union worker 01 x5, Item carpenter nails 01 x5, Item lath strips 01 x5, Item iron cast 01 x5, Item douglas fir beams 01 x5

Item untrace cell phone 03
Untraceable Cell Phone
Workshop5 Item union worker 01 x7, Item carpenter nails 01 x7, Item lath strips 01 x7, Item iron cast 01 x7, Item douglas fir beams 01 x7

Item buttoncamera 01
Button Camera
Item union worker 01 x9, Item carpenter nails 01 x9, Item lath strips 01 x9, Item iron cast 01 x9, Item douglas fir beams 01 x9

Item conceal camera
Concealable Camera
Workshop7 Item union worker 01 x11, Item carpenter nails 01 x11, Item lath strips 01 x11, Item iron cast 01 x11, Item douglas fir beams 01 x11

Item jekyllandhyde 01
Jekyll and Hyde
Workshop8 Item union worker 01 x13, Item carpenter nails 01 x13, Item lath strips 01 x13, Item iron cast 01 x13, Item douglas fir beams 01 x13

Item satchelcharge 01
Satchel Charge
Workshop9 Item union worker 01 x15, Item carpenter nails 01 x15, Item lath strips 01 x15, Item iron cast 01 x15, Item douglas fir beams 01 x15

Item computer setup 02
Computer Set-Up
Workshop10 Item union worker 01 x17, Item carpenter nails 01 x17, Item lath strips 01 x17, Item iron cast 01 x17, Item douglas fir beams 01 x17

Item ancestralcrest 01-1-
Ancestral Crest
Total Item union worker 01 x81, Item carpenter nails 01 x81, Item lath strips 01 x81, Item iron cast 01 x81, Item douglas fir beams 01 x81