Shipyard5 small
Shipyard5 robbed
Shipyard is unlocked after completing the job Help Out At The Shipwreck in Cape Town.

You can collect your income every 8 hours.

Level Materials Payout
Shipyard1 Help Out At The Shipwreck Sa rand sm 8
Shipyard2 Item zebrawood 01 x0, Item sackofmud 01 x1, Item gautengzinc 01 x1, Item africanbrick 01 x0, Item bushveldsteel 01 x0

Sa rand sm 16
Shipyard3 Item zebrawood 01 x1, Item sackofmud 01 x3, Item gautengzinc 01 x3, Item africanbrick 01 x1, Item bushveldsteel 01 x1

Sa rand sm 24
Shipyard4 Item zebrawood 01 x2, Item sackofmud 01 x5, Item gautengzinc 01 x5, Item africanbrick 01 x2, Item bushveldsteel 01 x2

Sa rand sm 32
Shipyard5 Item zebrawood 01 x3, Item sackofmud 01 x7, Item gautengzinc 01 x7, Item africanbrick 01 x3, Item bushveldsteel 01 x3

Sa rand sm 40
Shipyard6 Item zebrawood 01 x4, Item sackofmud 01 x9, Item gautengzinc 01 x9, Item africanbrick 01 x4, Item bushveldsteel 01 x4

Sa rand sm 48
Shipyard7 Item zebrawood 01 x5, Item sackofmud 01 x11, Item gautengzinc 01 x11, Item africanbrick 01 x5, Item bushveldsteel 01 x5

Sa rand sm 56
Shipyard8 Item zebrawood 01 x6, Item sackofmud 01 x13, Item gautengzinc 01 x13, Item africanbrick 01 x6, Item bushveldsteel 01 x6

Sa rand sm 64
Shipyard9 Item zebrawood 01 x7, Item sackofmud 01 x15, Item gautengzinc 01 x15, Item africanbrick 01 x7, Item bushveldsteel 01 x7

Sa rand sm 72
Shipyard10 Item zebrawood 01 x8, Item sackofmud 01 x17, Item gautengzinc 01 x17, Item africanbrick 01 x8, Item bushveldsteel 01 x8

Sa rand sm 80
Total Item zebrawood 01 x36, Item sackofmud 01 x81, Item gautengzinc 01 x81, Item africanbrick 01 x36, Item bushveldsteel 01 x36


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