1st GenerationEdit

Secret Stash news feed
A Secret Stash is a stash of items that can randomly be found after completing a job or winning a fight. Upon finding one, you must pick from three different items. After choosing an item you are given that item and are given the option to share the stash with 5 friends.

You can open the Secret Stash posted by friends, but you can only accept 10 per day.

There are two types of Secret Stash. One found by doing jobs and one found in fights by various members of your mafia. Only one person can open the Secret Stashes found during fights.

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2nd GenerationEdit

Secret stash
On May 4, 2011 the Secret Stash got a new identity and it's better than ever! Locating the hidden stash takes fast thinking and faster action! Each time that you trigger a Secret Stash you will be presented with three choices of finding a stash, and now 3 of your friends can help. You can choose the difficulty of the stash that you want to find, and you can increase your chances by adding your friends help to the stash level of your choice. You can place all three friends on the same level or spread them across the choices to increase your chance, but act fast because 15 seconds goes by quickly!

Once you have triggered the Secret Stash you will have 15 seconds to assign one of your friends to one of three choices of stash items. You can check the status of your Secret Stash by under Operations. You can only have one Secret Stash per day. A Secret Stash can appear from doing jobs, fighting, or by robbing

Each level of difficulty requires additional help from your friends.

This feature was removed from the game on October 18, 2011.

Secret Stash FAQ

  • Secret stash easy-tagEasy - 3 Helpers
  • Secret stash med-tagMedium - 6 Helpers
  • Secret stash hard-tagHard - 9 Helpers


Secret stash title

You have 48 hours to collect the items.

Name Image StatsIcon attack 16x16Icon defense 16x16Mw tournament icon atk def Difficulty
Final Word Item finalword 01 Icon attack 16x1635 Icon defense 16x1652 Mw tournament icon atk def87 Secret stash easy-tag
Ice Climber Item iceclimber 01 Icon attack 16x1654 Icon defense 16x1629 Mw tournament icon atk def83 Secret stash easy-tag
Ice Climbing Gear Item iceclimbinggear 01 Icon attack 16x1628 Icon defense 16x1655 Mw tournament icon atk def83 Secret stash easy-tag
Tarantula Item tarantula 01 Icon attack 16x1653 Icon defense 16x1630 Mw tournament icon atk def83 Secret stash easy-tag
Arachnid Cruiser Item arachnidcruiser 01 Icon attack 16x1665 Icon defense 16x1625 Mw tournament icon atk def90 Secret stash med-tag
Heads Up Item headsup 01 Icon attack 16x1628 Icon defense 16x1664 Mw tournament icon atk def92 Secret stash med-tag
Spider Monkey Item spidermonkey 01 Icon attack 16x1642 Icon defense 16x1662 Mw tournament icon atk def104 Secret stash med-tag
Web Climbing Rope Item webclimbingrope 01 Icon attack 16x1660 Icon defense 16x1645 Mw tournament icon atk def105 Secret stash med-tag
Blizzard Cannon Item blizzardcannon 01 Icon attack 16x1648 Icon defense 16x1684 Mw tournament icon atk def132 Secret stash hard-tag
Cape Buffalo Item capebuffalo 02 Icon attack 16x1676 Icon defense 16x1659 Mw tournament icon atk def135 Secret stash hard-tag
Savannah Patroller Item savannahpatroller 01 Icon attack 16x1682 Icon defense 16x1650 Mw tournament icon atk def132 Secret stash hard-tag
Tundra Commando Item tundracommando 01 Icon attack 16x1655 Icon defense 16x1679 Mw tournament icon atk def134 Secret stash hard-tag


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