Save Don's Dinner
Available from November 21, 2011
Available until November 29, 2011
Type Gift Mastery Event

The Don has invited you to Thanksgiving dinner, but he needs more birds. Collect 25 turkeys and he’ll reward you with a powerful item: his right-hand man, The Butler.

Mastery RewardsEdit

Name Obtained Stats
Item butler bronze 01
Butler Bronze
Collect 25 Thanksgiving Turkeys Icon attack 16x16105 Icon defense 16x1660 Mw tournament icon atk def165
Item butler silver 01
Butler Silver
Collect 50 Thanksgiving Turkeys Icon attack 16x16115 Icon defense 16x1670 Mw tournament icon atk def185
Item butler gold 01
Butler Gold
Collect 75 Thanksgiving Turkeys Icon attack 16x16135 Icon defense 16x1680 Mw tournament icon atk def215
Item butler ruby 01
Butler Ruby
Collect 100 Thanksgiving Turkeys Icon attack 16x16155 Icon defense 16x1695 Mw tournament icon atk def250


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