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Satellite Phone
Item bangkok satellitephone b 
Date Available:

Facebook January 30, 2010



Loot From:

Hijack a Boat Load of Electronics




Loot From Bangkok

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Date Events
January 30, 2010 Loot from Bangkok
Brazil Level 7 Workshop.

Related JobsEdit

Looted From:
Bangkok: Pirate - Hijack a Boat Load of Electronics
(Note: You will save a lot of energy if you do not go past first level of Pirate)

Needed For:
Bangkok: Pirate (Bangkok triads smallTriad)- Offload The Cars Onto A Waiting Barge - 8/10/15/34
Bangkok: Commandant - Make Contact With The United Wa State Army - 15/20/25/50
Bangkok: Commandant - Establish Contact With A CIA Agent - 13/17/25/50
Bangkok: Commandant (Bangkok yakuza smallYakuza) - Pass On Information To The Thai Police - 17/20/34/50
Bangkok: Oyabun - Smuggle The Sapphires Into Tokyo - 25/34/50/100
Bangkok: Dragon Head - Talk With Wei's Disloyal Enforcers - 15/20/25/50
Bangkok: Saboteur - (Bangkok yakuza smallYakuza) Steal An Experimental Armor Prototype - 20/25/34/100
Bangkok: Saboteur - (Bangkok triads smallTriad) Extort The Consortium's Remaining Officers - 1/1/1/1 (You will only need 1)

Total Needed: 713-901 (Bangkok triads smallTriad Only - 780, Bangkok yakuza smallYakuza Only - 834)

Energy Needed: 35*800=28,000 Level 1 Pirate or 71*800=56,800 Level 4 Pirate

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