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It's on in San Juan
Available from September 2, 2010
Available until September 15, 2010
Type Fight Challenge

MW BlogEdit

September 2, 2010Edit

Logo fight
The bosses are back. Last month you beat the Feds. Now it’s time to take on four crime lords from San Juan. This ten-day fight fest starts today, and it’ll take the power and dedication of you and your strongest mafia members to defeat these Puerto Rican bosses.

Each time you take out a boss – there’s Señor Carazco, General Vargas, Don Ramirez and Big Lou – you are rewarded with Vegas chips, experience points, victory coins and powerful loot. The more bosses you beat, the more powerful your items and bigger your bonuses become.

San Juan bosses give up some sweet loot when you beat them. These include: a Set of Throwing Knives weapon (highest value tops at 49 attack/87 defense), an MG Gloss 350 vehicle (57 attack/95 defense), a Night Vision Viewer armor (106 attack, 71 defense) and a Red Piranha animal (110 attack, 82 defense).

Your boss fights in San Juan won’t be easy. First, you have to finish off bosses in a specific amount of time. Once time runs out, a boss recovers to full strength, which means you’ll have to start over if you don’t win the fight. Bosses also get tougher after every time, so it’s critical that you get your mafia to help you. Friends who help beat a boss share rewards with you. Don’t forget to help your mafia too. Top helpers also collect the bosses’ loot for helping their mafia win.

There are three mastery levels – bronze, silver and gold. You must defeat all four bosses to receive the mastery item, an Outlander vehicle. The Outlander increases in value each time you master a new level and tops out at attack 112/defense 58.

Help your mafia fight the good fight to collect items, and make sure they are there to go to battle with you in San Juan.

Mafia Wars Blog

September 3, 2010Edit

First and foremost, players expect and deserve a reliable game performance. We are always open to your feedback, and the top priority for us is to fix the bugs in our game. This is why we’ve dedicated this week to have our entire team work on these issues.

On Thursday, we cleaned up a lot of bugs to improve the quality of the game. Some of these issues include cracking down on cheaters who exploited a loophole to level up infinitely in Las Vegas. We have zero tolerance for users who abuse the system to give themselves an unfair advantage. We also fixed an issue that didn’t allow some users to send or accept free gifts. Now you can send building materials to friends to upgrade casino properties and chop shops and help them finish their Challenge Mission in Mumbai.

Developers are also fixing issues with It’s On in San Juan, a new limited-time boss fight. We released It’s On In San Juan on Thursday evening. The overwhelming popularity of the event forced us to make adjustments to improve the game performance. We’ve made this our priority to ensure that the feature is reliable and ready for a full release. We will be extending the boss fight event to make sure everyone gets a chance to take down the San Juan bosses.

Mafia Wars Blog

San JuanEdit

Defeat Senor Carazco, General Vargas, Don Ramirez, and Big Lou within 10 days.

Must be level 20 or higher to attempt the boss challenge.

For defeating these Bosses you get an item and a Mastery Item for defeating all four of them. The stats of these items increase each mastery level.

For defeating a Boss you also get a Skill Point (12 Skill Points in total).

An attack at bronze mastery is Stamina icon 1 stamina each. You receive Icon experience 16x16 2 Experience and Vegas-chip 100 Vegas Chips for each attack.

An attack at silver mastery is Stamina icon 2 stamina each. You receive Icon experience 16x16 4 Experience and Vegas-chip 215 Vegas Chips for each attack.

An attack at gold mastery is Stamina icon 4 stamina each. You receive Icon experience 16x16 8 Experience and Vegas-chip 450 Vegas Chips for each attack.

The BossesEdit

It appears that the algorithm for the health levels of the bosses are:

Bronze Level Health x 3 = Silver Level, Silver Level Health x 4 = Gold Level

Senor CarazcoEdit

Boss carazco

Boss title 1
Boss img 1

Level Health Icon health 16x16 Time to Defeat
Bronzemastery 10,000 12 hours
Silvermastery 30,000 6 hours
Goldmastery 120,000 4 hours

General VargasEdit

Boss vargas

Boss title 2
Boss img 2

Level Health Icon health 16x16 Time to Defeat
Bronzemastery 12,000 12 hours
Silvermastery 36,000 6 hours
Goldmastery 144,000 4 hours

Don RamirezEdit

Boss ramirez

Boss title 3
Boss img 3

Level Health Icon health 16x16 Time to Defeat
Bronzemastery 14,000 8 hours
Silvermastery 42,000 6 hours
Goldmastery 168,000 4 hours

Big LouEdit

Boss biglou

Boss title 4
Boss img 4

Level Health Icon health 16x16 Time to Defeat
Bronzemastery 16,000 8 hours
Silvermastery 48,000 6 hours
Goldmastery 192,000 4 hours


Defeat Reward Icon attack 16x16Attack Icon defense 16x16Defense Mw tournament icon atk defTotal
Senor Carazco

Item throwingknivesbronze 01
Set of Ballistic Blades Bronze
30 43 73
Senor Carazco

Item throwingknivessilver 01
Set of Ballistic Blades Silver
40 68 108
Senor Carazco

Item throwingknivesgold 01
Set of Ballistic Blades Gold
49 87 136
General Vargas

Item mggloss350bronze 01
MG Gloss 350 Bronze
26 47 73
General Vargas

Item mggloss350silver 01
MG Gloss 350 Silver
42 76 118
General Vargas

Item mggloss350gold 01
MG Gloss 350 Gold
57 95 152
Don Ramirez

Item nightvisiongogglesbronze 01
Night Vision Viewer Bronze
50 38 88
Don Ramirez

Item nightvisiongogglessilver 01
Night Vision Viewer Silver
80 55 135
Don Ramirez

Item nightvisiongogglesgold 01
Night Vision Viewer Gold
106 71 177
Big Lou

Item redpiranhabronze 01
Red Piranha Bronze
56 48 104
Big Lou

Item redpiranhasilver 01
Red Piranha Silver
85 60 145
Big Lou

Item redpiranhagold 01
Red Piranha Gold
110 82 192

Mastery RewardEdit

Defeat Reward Icon attack 16x16Attack Icon defense 16x16Defense Mw tournament icon atk defTotal
Beat all 4 Bosses

Item outlanderbronze 01
Outlander Bronze
62 40 102
Beat all 4 Bosses

Item outlandersilver 01
Outlander Silver
88 46 134
Beat all 4 Bosses

Item outlandergold 01
Outlander Gold
112 58 170

Zynga SupportEdit

The following picture explains the delay of the San Juan Event for some people. It will be available for all players on 9/4

–Zynga Support

San Juan Improvement


Due to the technical difficulties the event has been extended with 3 days and you receive Victory icon100 and Hazard Gear



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