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Robbing BasicsEdit

Robbing uses the same combat calculation used for Fights. However, unlike a Fight or Hitlist which uses up to 501 players from your Mafia, the number of Mafia members you can bring to a Robbery is limited to your level.

Likewise, the defending player can only bring a Mafia equal to their level. So generally speaking, it's much more difficult to rob someone higher level and much easier to rob someone who is lower level.

When one player robs another, they are effectively attacking the property of the player rather than the player themselves. The property takes the damage -- not the defending player.The Defending player loses no health. Cash reward varies by property type and quantity owned. (1-3 xp per Rob). Once a property has been damaged enough (Up to 30% to its health), it can no longer be attacked until the property owner pays for repairs. Undeveloped space, Louie's Deli, Mafia Mike's, and the Rent House cannot be robbed; all other properties can be robbed. Properties can be Protected giving protection money to the police but it doesn't prevent attackers from robbing rather it reduces the damage taken to the properties.

Robbing provides a bigger cash bonus that Fights, but doesn't drop special Loot Items.

Robbing is not available in Moscow or Cuba.


The ability to Rob other players unlocks at Level 15.

Robbing DisabledEdit

Zynga ended the Beta for Robbing in September 24 2009 and it is currently not available in-game. Zynga plans to bring back robbing with additional features and an updated version of properties was rolled out to promote the release of robbing. The new Robbing system was released in March of 2010.

[1]MAFIA WARS - NEW ROBBING PAGE ~ Welcome to the new Robbing Page Spend stamina to steal from other people's properties. You bring more mafia and spend more stamina to rob the larger properties, but the rewards are much sweeter...


The % bonus to Cash from Fights for a Top Mafia Safe Cracker is determined by the number of successful Heists (or Robberies) the Mafia member has completed. It takes 50,000+ Heists to provide the maximum 15% bonus.

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