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When RewardVille opens, players will be able to earn up to 80 zPoints from the various Zynga games listed below. You can earn up to a maximum of 300 zPoints a day. As players gain more zPoints their zLevel will increase. As players increase their zLevel they will gain zCoins. These zCoins can be used in RewardVille to buy various prizes for the various Zynga games. Everyone will automatically earn zPoints by playing Zynga games, however you will need to register a Zynga account to get the prizes. You can also sign in with your facebook account (which is easier).

Currently available for these Zynga games


There are 22 rewards for Mafia Wars. Since this is the Mafia Wars Wiki only the 22 rewards for Mafia Wars will be displayed here. For more information about the rewards for the other games please visit their Wiki or RewardVille. On May 17, 2011 1 item was added for the "Lets Play With GaGa" Event. The item is available until May 31, 2011.

StarLevel Item Mw tournament icon atk defStats ZCoin-smallPrice
Star0 Red XIV
Item redxlv 01
Icon attack 16x1669 Icon defense 16x1651 Mw tournament icon atk def120 ZCoin-small24
Star0 Emperor Scorpion
Item emperorscorpion 01
Icon attack 16x1645 Icon defense 16x1668 Mw tournament icon atk def113 ZCoin-small16
Star0 Phantom Body Armor
Item phantombodyarmor 01
Icon attack 16x1638 Icon defense 16x1671 Mw tournament icon atk def109 ZCoin-small18
Star10 White Knuckle Express
Item whiteknuckleexpress 01
Icon attack 16x1644 Icon defense 16x1670 Mw tournament icon atk def114 ZCoin-small32
Star10 N7 Tomahawk
Item n7tomahawk 01
Icon attack 16x1671 Icon defense 16x1628 Mw tournament icon atk def99 ZCoin-small48
Star10 Grizzly Man-Eater
Item grizzlymaneater 01
Icon attack 16x1673 Icon defense 16x1633 Mw tournament icon atk def106 ZCoin-small40
Star20 King Penguin
Item kingpenguin 01
Icon attack 16x1642 Icon defense 16x1676 Mw tournament icon atk def118 ZCoin-small72
Star20 Blue Dragon Helm
Item bluedragonhelm 01
Icon attack 16x1675 Icon defense 16x1652 Mw tournament icon atk def127 ZCoin-small58
Star20 Silent Thunder
Item silentthunder 01
Icon attack 16x1646 Icon defense 16x1674 Mw tournament icon atk def120 ZCoin-small48
Star30 Carapace Jacket
Item carapacejacket 01
Icon attack 16x1648 Icon defense 16x1676 Mw tournament icon atk def124 ZCoin-small77
Star30 Road Razor
Item roadrazor 01
Icon attack 16x1677 Icon defense 16x1635 Mw tournament icon atk def112 ZCoin-small96
Star30 Copperhead
Item copperhead 01
Icon attack 16x1675 Icon defense 16x1649 Mw tournament icon atk def124 ZCoin-small64
Star40 Stretch Classic
Item stretchclassic 01
Icon attack 16x1631 Icon defense 16x1678 Mw tournament icon atk def109 ZCoin-small80 (1)
Star40 Concealed Holster
Item concealedholster 01
Icon attack 16x1688 Icon defense 16x1647 Mw tournament icon atk def135 ZCoin-small100
Star40 H9 Torque
Item h9torque 01
Icon attack 16x1641 Icon defense 16x1689 Mw tournament icon atk def130 ZCoin-small120
Star50 Clear Skies
Item clearskies 01
Icon attack 16x1687 Icon defense 16x1652 Mw tournament icon atk def139 ZCoin-small100
Star50 Persian Lion
Item persianlion 01
Icon attack 16x1691 Icon defense 16x1630 Mw tournament icon atk def121 ZCoin-small130
Star50 HAWK Monocycle
Item hawkmonocycle 01
Icon attack 16x1689 Icon defense 16x1692 Mw tournament icon atk def181 ZCoin-small120
Star60 Rotero 2011
Item rotero2011 01
Icon attack 16x1632 Icon defense 16x1692 Mw tournament icon atk def124 ZCoin-small160
Star60 Striped Hyena
Item stripedhyena 01
Icon attack 16x1651 Icon defense 16x1688 Mw tournament icon atk def139 ZCoin-small120
Star60 Tunnel Vision
Item tunnelvision 01
Icon attack 16x1644 Icon defense 16x1690 Mw tournament icon atk def134 ZCoin-small140
Star70 Armored Empire
Item armoredempire 01
Icon attack 16x1651 Icon defense 16x1692 Mw tournament icon atk def143 ZCoin-small200
GaGa (2) Lipstick Gun
Item lipstick gun 01
Icon attack 16x16115 Icon defense 16x1668 Mw tournament icon atk def183 ZCoin-small98

ZCoin-small ZCoins
(1) This item was free on launch day. After purchasing once it changed to 80.
(2) This item was sold during the Lets Play With GaGa Event. The Item expires on the 31 May, 2011


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