Rain Maker
Item rainmakergold 01
-Image © Zynga
Available On Facebook July 24, 2010
Type Mastery Rewards
Quality Inventory-ultimate-icon Ultimate
Effects % bonus in Las Vegas fight chips, depending on mastery level
Source Beat The Feds Challenge
Date Events
July 24, 2010 Beat The Feds Challenge
August 13, 2010 Beat The Feds Challenge 2nd release.


The bonus stats of this item are based upon its mastery level. The maximum values can be achieved by completing gold mastery.

Hi-res ImageEdit

Huge item rainmakergold 01


  • The Rain Maker appears near the very bottom of your loot page, along with the New York Job Mastery Items (like the Pistol Bayonet).
  • On August 13th some players were unable to begin the Gold tier after beating the Silver tier. A message indicating that they were still in a fight with another boss would appear. Zynga gave players who were affected the gold Rain Maker for the mistake. A message appeared above the Beat The Feds Challange banner on the homepage saying that they were sorry about the error and we are retroactively giving you the rainmaker which can now be found in your inventory.
  • Sadly the Rain Maker bonus doesn't work. Alot of people have told Zynga about it but they haven't fixed it. On December 11, 2010 it was stated on the MW Loot Lady blog that the Rain Maker changed.
    • Those previously having gold mastery of Beat The Feds Challange had all 3 Rain Makers on their page (bronze, silver and gold). This has been changed to gold only which now appears under the Golden Throne.
    • Sadly it is also said that the Rain Maker bonus still doesn't work.

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