Item vileintentions 01
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Item ras29 75x75 01
-Image © Zynga
Available On Facebook June 11, 2009
Bribe Penalty -0.5%
Type Weapons
Quality Inventory-common-icon Common
Icon attack 16x16 Attack 17
Icon defense 16x16 Defense 10
Mw tournament icon atk def Combined 27
Source Mafia Store:Cuba
Icon buy 18x13 01 Buy Icon cubanpeso 16x11 0115,000
Icon sell 18x13 01 Sell Icon cubanpeso 16x11 017,500
Subtypes Rifle , Automatic
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Date Events
June 11, 2009 Mafia Store:Cuba
Jobs where the RAS-29 is needed.
Job Title Rank Loot Needed
Transport A Shipment of US Arms El Capitan 1
Meet With The FRG Leadership El Capitan 2
Hold Up A Tour Bus El Capitan 2
Ambush A Military Patrol El Capitan 2
Capture An Army Outpost El Capitan 3
Sneak A Friend Of The Family Into The Country El Capitan 3
Ransack A Local Plantation El Capitan 3
Burn Down A Hacienda El Capitan 4
Offer Protection To A Nightclub El Jefe 3
Rob The Banco Nacional Branch El Jefe 2
Shake Down A Hotel Owner El Jefe 2
Help The FRG Steal A Truckload Of Weapons El Jefe 4
Pillage A Shipyard El Jefe 4
Take Over The Docks El Jefe 5
Sink A Competing Smuggler's Ship El Patron 6
Gun Down An Enemy Crew At The Airport El Patron 6
Assassinate An Opposing Consigliere El Patron 9
Raid The Arms Depot El Padrino 10
Supply The FRG With Some Extra Muscle El Padrino 11
Capture The Airport El Padrino 12
Set Up A High Volume Smuggling Operation El Padrino 15
Blow Up A Rail Line El Padrino 14
Attack The Army Command Post El Padrino 16
Storm The Presidential Palace El Padrino 16
Loot The National Museum El Cacique 20
Send Some Help Home To New York El Cacique 24
Help Get An Associate A No Bid Contract El Cacique 26
  • Based on the AKS-47, the folding stock version of AK-47.

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