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Available On Facebook October 8, 2009
Type Weapons
Quality Inventory-common-icon Common
Icon attack 16x16 Attack 18
Icon defense 16x16 Defense 20
Mw tournament icon atk def Combined 38
Source Mafia Store:Moscow
Icon buy 18x13 01 Buy Icon cash moscow 16x16 016,800,000
Icon sell 18x13 01 Sell Icon cash moscow 16x16 013,400,000
Subtypes Automatic
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Date Events
October 8, 2009 Mafia Store:Moscow
October 22, 2009 Price reduced from R$7,500,000 to R$6,800,000
Jobs where the RAS-28 SMG is needed.
Job Title Rank Loot Needed
Support The Habit of A Procurement Officer Avtoritet 3
Ransack A Defense Contractor's Office Avtoritet 9
Fly To The Siberian Military District Avtoritet 12
Travel to The Volga Miltary District Avtoritet 12
Rob A Troop Convoy Avtoritet 15
Intercept The Base's Pay Shipment Avtoritet 18
Arrange The Sale of Weapons-Grade Explosives Avtoritet 15
Capitalize On An Officer's Gambling Problem Avtoritet 18
Make Connections With An Arms Dealer Avtoritet 21
Transport Some Stolen Military Hardware Avtoritet 24
Buy Off the General's Command Team Avtoritet 27
Stop A Terrorist Attack In Moscow Vor 33
Discover Who Was Responsible Vor 30
Hunt Down A Ural Liberation Front Contact Vor 33
Infiltrate The ULF Cell Vor 33
Discover The Location Of The Next ULF Attack Vor 33
Help Plan The Next Attack Vor 36
Sabotage The Plan From The Inside Vor 42
Kill A Lookout Vor 9
Stop The ULF Attack Vor 42
Look For The Boss' Mountain Hideout Vor 42
Start An Avalanche Above The Terrorist Camp Vor 45


Based off of the Russian TKB-022PM

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