R&D Lab is unlocked after completing the job Accept The Job For A Top-Secret Mission in Bloemfontein.

The R&D Lab allows you to build Consumables for use throughout the game. The amount of Consumables you can build within each build period varies depending on the property level, and resets back to maximum every 18 hours. You can build 1 consumable for level 0.5 to 1 star, 2 consumables for 1.5 to 2 stars, and so on. You may build any combination of the consumables available up to the maximum allowed for your property level within the 18 hours period.

Level Materials Payout
R d lab1 Accept The Job For A Top-Secret Mission Item kubacap 01
Kuba Cap
Item gevaa-wrist 01
R d lab2 Item zebrawood 01 x1, Item sackofmud 01 x1, Item gautengzinc 01 x0, Item africanbrick 01 x1, Item bushveldsteel 01 x1

Item mynbou-tique 01
Item steenkoolcart 01
Steenkool Cart
R d lab3 Item zebrawood 01 x3, Item sackofmud 01 x3, Item gautengzinc 01 x1, Item africanbrick 01 x3, Item bushveldsteel 01 x3

Item testedpyn 01
Tested Pyn
R d lab4 Item zebrawood 01 x5, Item sackofmud 01 x5, Item gautengzinc 01 x2, Item africanbrick 01 x5, Item bushveldsteel 01 x5

Item brooshoot 01
R d lab5 Item zebrawood 01 x7, Item sackofmud 01 x7, Item gautengzinc 01 x3, Item africanbrick 01 x7, Item bushveldsteel 01 x7

Item ropeladder 01
Rope Ladder
Item bi-knock 01
R d lab6 Item zebrawood 01 x9, Item sackofmud 01 x9, Item gautengzinc 01 x4, Item africanbrick 01 x9, Item bushveldsteel 01 x9

Item openwithease 01
Open With Ease
Item jackchill 01
Jack & Chill
R d lab7 Item zebrawood 01 x11, Item sackofmud 01 x11, Item gautengzinc 01 x5, Item africanbrick 01 x11, Item bushveldsteel 01 x11

Item fakewarrant 01
Fake Warrant
Item walktalk 01
Walk & Talk
R d lab8 Item zebrawood 01 x13, Item sackofmud 01 x13, Item gautengzinc 01 x6, Item africanbrick 01 x13, Item bushveldsteel 01 x13

Item tranquility 01
Item huntscope 01
Hunt Scope
R d lab9 Item zebrawood 01 x15, Item sackofmud 01 x15, Item gautengzinc 01 x7, Item africanbrick 01 x15, Item bushveldsteel 01 x15

Item oldphotos 01
Old Photos
Item flashbang 01
R d lab10 Item zebrawood 01 x17, Item sackofmud 01 x17, Item gautengzinc 01 x8, Item africanbrick 01 x17, Item bushveldsteel 01 x17

Item reliefkit 01
Relief Kit
Item lawdisorder 01
Law & Disorder
Total Item zebrawood 01 x81, Item sackofmud 01 x81, Item gautengzinc 01 x36, Item africanbrick 01 x81, Item bushveldsteel 01 x81


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