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  • Income: $12,000
  • Cost: $500,000 for the first property, increasing by $50,000 for each one already owned
  • Protection Cost: None
  • Built On: Abandoned Lot


Until December 13, 2009, Mafia Mike's had a mafia requirement to purchase:

  • For players who started the game with no friends playing, this was 3 members more than double the number of Mafia Mike's currently owned. For example, if the player already owned 20 Mafia Mike's properties, then they would need to have at least 43 mafia members to purchase their 21st property.
  • For players who started the game with their playing friends automatically added to their mafia, the number required would be their starting mafia size plus double the number of Mafia Mike's currently owned. For example, if a player started the game with 150 mafia members, they would need to reach 152 members to purchase their first Mafia Mike's.

Due to the mafia requirement, this was the only purchasable property that had to be purchased one at a time. The purchase price for the first property was $8,000, and incremented by $800 for each following property. Additionally, the discount provided by the Money Plate did not reduce the cost of these properties.

On December 13, 2009, Mafia Mike's became a standard purchasable property, regardless of size of the player's mafia. This was due to a change in Facebook's Terms of Service, which no longer allowed blocking content based on the number of a player's friends who play the game. Also, the Money Plate discount began to apply at this point.

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