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Have you heard that Zynga for the very first time had tied up with a third party sponsor, 7 Eleven? Neither company made official announcement but a 7 Eleven Zynga redemption site teaser confirms this. This does not only show when this is supposed to kick off but it also tells us that YoVille, Mafia Wars, and FarmVille will be involved in it. The promotion will start from June 1, 2010. but is in some stores now, as of may 26 2010

You can redeem the code here

  • Mafia Wars: Seven Select Chips/snacks/hot foods
  • YoVille: Seven Select (7-11 brand) candy ( gummi’s ) & Bakery
  • FarmVille, Mafia Wars and YoVille: Slurpees and Big Gulps

For anyone who is interested to know if they have any stores around them, can use this: Store Locator


Jilly Bean 05-17-2010, 12:24 PM

Hey Slurpee Fans!

On May 20th, feel free to visit [ BuyEarnPlay] to learn more about our upcoming Slurpee Promotion with 7-Eleven.

You'll have to wait until June 1, when you can head out to your nearest 7-Eleven store to purchase specially coded items and redeem them for exclusive in-game Mafia Wars, FarmVille and YoVille virtual items.

Keep cool this June and July with Mafia Wars and 7-Eleven!

Thanks for your support.

The Mafia Wars Team

The 7-Eleven Promotion

Main Menu List Edit


Items Edit

Name Icon-attack Attack Icon-defense Defense Type
Item showman 01
46 27 Weapon
Trio Diva
Item triodiva 01
25 45 Vehicle
Lone Wolf
Item lonewolf 01
44 30 Weapon
Palermo Prowler
Item palermoprowler 01
44 19 Vehicle
Sleek Bulletproof Vest
Item sleekbulletproofvest 01
45 23 Armor
Combat Helmet
Item combathelmet 01
22 46 Armor
Pepper Shaker
Item peppershaker 01
31 45 Weapon
Item 22lr 01
46 20 Weapon

Uber Reward Edit

Collect 8 punches on your card from each unique item purchase, and gain the Uber Reward of 50 Skill Points!



After redeeming a Mafia Wars-themed item, you will unlock the Corner Store Collection of virtual items in the game. You will then need to complete 41 jobs and win 10 fights in order to unlock all items in the Corner Store Collection and receive a Limited Edition bonus gift which is 22LR.

7elevencollection 7elevencollection2

Corner Store CollectionEdit

  • Obtained: Promotion:7-Eleven
  • Vault Bonus: 22LR Item 22lr 01 Icon attack 16x1646 Icon defense 16x1620 Mw tournament icon atk def66
  • Revault Bonus: Cannot Revault
Brain Freeze Wishlist Behind Bars Wishlist Cup of Coffee Wishlist Plastic Lighter Wishlist Scratcher Wishlist Hot Dog Wishlist Mafi-O's Snack Pack Wishlist
Standard 75x75 collect 7eleven bloodbath 01 Standard 75x75 collect 7eleven behindbars 01 Standard 75x75 collect 7eleven coffeecup 01 Standard 75x75 collect 7eleven platiclighter 01 Standard 75x75 collect 7eleven scratcher 01 Standard 75x75 collect 7eleven hotdog 02 Standard 75x75 collect 7eleven snackpack 01

Gallery Edit



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