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Parisian Map
Item parisianmap 01
-Image © Zynga
Available On Facebook April 24, 2010
Type Consumables
Quality Inventory-uncommon-icon Uncommon
Source Random Loot from Jobs, Robbing, and Fighting
Date Events
April 24, 2010 Random Loot from Jobs, Robbing, and Fighting

You'll need this item to perform jobs in Paris.

Before mastering any chapters, you can get 10 Parisian Maps everyday from the "Challenge Mission" page by clicking the "Collect Maps" button.

After mastering the 1st chapter, you can get 15 per day, and after mastering Chapter 2, you can get 23 Parisian Maps per day.

Additional maps drop rarely while doing jobs, fighting, and robbing.


The number of maps needed to complete each Paris job will increase by 1 each time you complete 3 jobs in a row within 8 hours of each other. The maximum possible number of maps required per job is 2 above the base requirement.

Chapter 1 - Procure De France:

Enter Paris
Track Down Your Fixer
Gather The Materials

Minimum: 76
Maximum: 169

Chapter 2 - From Paris, With Louvre:

Shut Down The Security System
Enter The Building
Disable The Safeguards

Minimum: 127
Maximum: 229

Chapter 3 - The Last Tangle in Paris:

Find An Escape Route
Evade The Authorities
Flee The Country

Minimum: 178
Maximum: 280

Total Parisian Maps required to complete Paris:
Minimum: 381
Maximum: 678


Paris map

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