No Crime Like The Present
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Available from December 21, 2010
Available until December 31, 2010
Type Free Gifts

Zynga Guide

  1. Decorate your Mafia tree. Get decorations from your Mafia to upgrade your tree. The more your tree sparkles, the more presents you can hold.
  2. Collect presents for your tree by getting them from your mafia. Remember to visit on December 25, 2010 for a free upgrade and the Item northpole 01North Pole Icon attack 16x16110 Icon defense 16x1693 Mw tournament icon atk def203 reward.
  3. Ask your mafia to protect your presents. Anyone can steal presents. So can you.
  4. Open your presents on New Year's Day. If you have 45 presents on New Year's Day you earn the Grand Prize Item auldlangsyne 01Auld Lang Syne Icon attack 16x16110 Icon defense 16x16135 Mw tournament icon atk def245.

You can protect yourself (from your presents being robbed) by adding your mafia as protects. (You receive a tree upgrade item for helping). You can have up to 6 mafia.

Mafia TreeEdit

Your Mafia Tree has a maximum of 5 levels.

Building Cost

Level Items Capacity
1 3
2 Item decoration 01 x3, Item treelights 01 x3, Item candycane 01 x3, 9
3 Item decoration 01 x4, Item treelights 01 x4, Item candycane 01 x4, 18
4 Item decoration 01 x5, Item treelights 01 x5, Item candycane 01 x5, 30
5 Item decoration 01 x6, Item treelights 01 x6, Item candycane 01 x6, 45
Total Item decoration 01 x18, Item treelights 01 x18, Item candycane 01 x18,
Small robbing tree03

Mafia needed Buy hiredguns 75x75 015
Stamina needed Stamina icon6
Experience Icon experience 16x1612 (failed) ~ 24 (success)
Loot: When tree isn't fully upgraded you get Decorations (1, 2, 3) or presents (Blue, Green, Red). When tree is fully upgraded you get a Lump of Coal or presents (Blue, Green, Red).

Tree can only be robbed via the 3x3 robbing grids, NOT via profile robbing.
(NEED CONFIRM) You can avoid your tree getting robbed by collecting on any properties. (last 2 hours)


Name Image Mw tournament icon atk def Stats
Mobile Garage Item mobilegarage 01 Icon attack 16x1655 Icon defense 16x1679 Mw tournament icon atk def134
Shadow Transporter Item shadowtransporter 01 Icon attack 16x1677 Icon defense 16x1660 Mw tournament icon atk def137
Achilles Salvation Item achilles salvation 01 Icon attack 16x1669 Icon defense 16x16100 Mw tournament icon atk def169
40mm Bunker Buster Item 40mmbunker-buster 01 Icon attack 16x16101 Icon defense 16x1668 Mw tournament icon atk def169
Bengal Tiger Item bengaltiger 01 Icon attack 16x1672 Icon defense 16x1699 Mw tournament icon atk def171
ET Hybrid Item ethybrid 01 Icon attack 16x1663 Icon defense 16x1675 Mw tournament icon atk def138
Red Fox Item redfox 01 Icon attack 16x1662 Icon defense 16x1626 Mw tournament icon atk def88
Pair of Skywalkers Item pairofskywalkers 01 Icon attack 16x1628 Icon defense 16x1661 Mw tournament icon atk def89
Whiplash Item whiplash 01 Icon attack 16x1669 Icon defense 16x1629 Mw tournament icon atk def98
Hard as Nails Item hardasnails 01 Icon attack 16x1638 Icon defense 16x1666 Mw tournament icon atk def104
Amplitude Item amplitude 01 Icon attack 16x1665 Icon defense 16x1639 Mw tournament icon atk def104


Our Holiday Extravaganza event is on now! Start things off by decorating your Mafia tree by getting decorations from your friends. The more decorative your tree, the more presents it'll be able to hold. After your tree is set up, you can work on collecting gifts from your mafia members and fill up your tree with as many presents as possible. You gotta be sure and watch out for your gifts - anyone can come by and steal presents! Ask your mafia for protection and keep all your gifts safe. On December 25th, there'll be a free upgrade available, as well as the North Pole reward as a special gift for you! Once New Years Day comes, you'll be able to start opening your gifts and enjoying the sweet loot. If you're able to collect 45 presents by New Years Day, you'll be handsomely rewarded with the grand prize, the Auld Lang Syne with 110 attack and 135 defense.

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