Must Play Weekend
Available from July 2, 2010
Available until July 5, 2010
Type Loot Event
Marketplace Sale
Building Event

  • An event for the weekend of July 2nd - July 5th, 2010.
  • July 2nd - Fourth of July Sale 2010 starts
  • July 2nd - Gone in 60 Hours starts
  • July 3rd - loot Vegas Chips
  • July 4th - 2x job mastery, 2x fight loot
  • July 5th - 2x job mastery, 2x fight loot
  • There will be an ultimate Chop Shop extravaganza Gone in 60 Hours and a special Vegas prize.

Mafia Wars "Must Play Weekend"Edit

Mafia Wars: Las Vegas is almost here , and this Saturday, July 3rd, you’ll get a chance to loot exclusive “Vegas Chips”. These chips will give you an advantage when Vegas releases, so you’d better collect as many as you can get ahead of your Mafia rivals. If that wasn’t enough, Sunday and Monday (4th and 5th of July) will be a special double-double event.

You’ll get twice the job mastery and twice the fight loot while fighting in New York, Cuba, Moscow and Bangkok. Use this opportunity to equip your Mafia to prepare for Las Vegas, as good Weapons, Armor, Vehicles and Animals will be even more vital to facing the challenge of controlling the brutal underworld of Sin City.

Mafia Wars fans, clear out your weekend for some serious crime time.

Fourth of July Sale 2010Edit

You can buy these items from the Marketplace.

Date Available Name Mw tournament icon atk def Type
July 2, 2010 Grand Finale Item grandfinale 01 Icon attack 16x1660 Icon defense 16x1625 Mw tournament icon atk def85 Weapons
July 2, 2010 Lady Liberty Item ladyliberty 01 Icon attack 16x1633 Icon defense 16x1659 Mw tournament icon atk def92 Vehicles
July 2, 2010 Parade Stallion Item paradestallion 01 Icon attack 16x1660 Icon defense 16x1628 Mw tournament icon atk def88 Animals
July 2, 2010 Uncle Sam Item unclesam 01 Icon attack 16x1634 Icon defense 16x1661 Mw tournament icon atk def95 Armor
July 2, 2010 Washington's Sword Item washingtonsword 01 Icon attack 16x1624 Icon defense 16x1661 Mw tournament icon atk def85 Weapons

Obtained by buying 1, 5, and 10 items at the Marketplace during this event. Items include loot, mystery crates, and certain stat items. Does not include soccer balls, mystery tickets, health refill or gold treasure chest keys.

Date Available Name Mw tournament icon atk def Type Obtained
July 2, 2010 Elvis Impersonator Item Elvis Impersonator 01 Icon attack 16x1620 Icon defense 16x1648 Mw tournament icon atk def68 Armor Purchase 1 item from the Marketplace
July 2, 2010 Pair of Kings Item pairofkings 01 Icon attack 16x1656 Icon defense 16x1626 Mw tournament icon atk def82 Weapons Purchase 5 items from the Marketplace
July 2, 2010 Sin City Shooter Item sincityshooter 01 Icon attack 16x1681 Icon defense 16x1636 Mw tournament icon atk def117 Weapons Purchase 10 items from the Marketplace

Double mastery and fight lootEdit

On the 4th and the 5th July 2010 the Mafia Wars "Must Play Weekend" event had double fight loot and double job mastery (except South Africa jobs)

Gone in 60 hoursEdit

Got the need for speed? Starting Friday, your Chop Shop is shifting into high gear. For 60 hours only, you can build twice as many cars (one car every 12 hours), all Chop Shop construction materials and car parts (including special parts like Solar Panels), and all Chop Shops will be able to build the exclusive limited-edition Future Shock 1985.

This pimped-out car not only has a healthy attack and defense, but it also provides you with additional energy, stamina and health.

This weekend is the perfect time to step up your chop shop. A stash of Chop Shop construction parts headed to New York was hijacked, and we’re sharing the wealth with you. You’ll have enough materials to step up your Chop Shop by one level or start your Chop Shop if you haven’t done so already. And with three new cars, it’s time to set up your mafia with the fastest and most furious cars that crime can buy.

Name Mw tournament icon atk def Materials
Item futureshock 01
Future Shock 1985
Icon attack 16x1642 Icon defense 16x1642 Mw tournament icon atk def84 +1Icon energy 16x16 +1Stamina icon +5Icon health 16x16 MW KV CarParts B75Car Parts x15, Flux compressorFlux Compressor x1
Item sonic5 01
Sonic Five
Icon attack 16x1632 Icon defense 16x1630 Mw tournament icon atk def62 MW KV CarParts B75Car Parts x12
Item ulysses 01
General Ulysses
Icon attack 16x1638 Icon defense 16x1628 Mw tournament icon atk def66 MW KV CarParts B75Car Parts x28
Item dayrider 01
Day Rider 2K
Icon attack 16x1645 Icon defense 16x1650 Mw tournament icon atk def95 MW KV CarParts B75Car Parts x175, Item suspensioncoils 01Suspension Coil x1


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