Money Laundering was added on November 13, 2009. Money Laundering is a feature whereby when you do a job in New York, there's a chance of hitting a bigger payday than usual. When this happens, if you can get your friends to help you launder this big payday, you can keep the cash and gain additional experience points. Your friends in turn will also benefit by getting a cut of your stash and a chance for a special collection item. You can only help 5 of your friends launder money before the feds get suspicious, and you need to lay low before you can launder more. There currently seems to be no limit on how many people can help you launder your money.

Only beta players had this chance. Launder money of a friend and you have the chance to do this too. So you make a link. If someone doesn't do it, that link is broken, so it's having a bit of luck. You can also get the items from jobs. If you do a job sometimes there's a pop-up in which you can choose between 3 things. Sometimes that's an item from the collection. This is the easiest way to get the items. You don't have to send it forward to your friend to be able to get it, just select it.

Money Laundering CollectionEdit

  • Vault Bonus: -3% on bank deposits
  • Revault Boost: Money Sock (+50% money drop on jobs).
Money iron Wishlist Dirty Laundry Wishlist Dryer Sheets Wishlist Money Line Wishlist Roll of Quarters Wishlist Death by Detergent Wishlist Dirty Bra Wishlist Money Sock Wishlist
Standard 75x75 collect launder iron 01 Standard 75x75 collect launder hamper 01 Standard 75x75 collect launder dryer sheets 01 Standard 75x75 collect launder money line 01 Standard 75x75 collect launder quarters 01 Standard 75x75 collect launder detergent 01 Standard 75x75 collect launder dirtybra 01 Boost money sock 75x75 01

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