The Mob Hospital was introduced on May 2, 2013 as the thirty-third non-cash generating property in New York / Manhattan.

This is a limited-time-to-upgrade property in which you have 16 days to upgrade to level 15 (or as far as you can). After this period you will no longer be able to upgrade normally. You get to keep the level you reached and are able to build the items. However, you can still buy the required upgrade parts using Reward Points.

Unlike regular crafting properties, there is no cost-per-item each time you craft.

Extra upgrading time for this property was offered during the Craftmania (Round 03) event. Players were given a total of 15 extra days between August 25, 2013 and September 8, 2013.

Building MaterialEdit

Building CostEdit

Level Items
1 Item sterlizedglass 01 x1, Item treatedlumber 01 x1. Item cordlessdrill 01 x1
2 Item sterlizedglass 01 x1, Item treatedlumber 01 x1. Item cordlessdrill 01 x1
3 Item sterlizedglass 01 x2, Item treatedlumber 01 x2. Item cordlessdrill 01 x2
4 Item sterlizedglass 01 x3, Item treatedlumber 01 x3. Item cordlessdrill 01 x3
5 Item sterlizedglass 01 x4, Item treatedlumber 01 x4. Item cordlessdrill 01 x4
6 Item sterlizedglass 01 x5, Item treatedlumber 01 x5. Item cordlessdrill 01 x5
7 Item sterlizedglass 01 x10, Item treatedlumber 01 x10. Item cordlessdrill 01 x10
8 Item sterlizedglass 01 x11, Item treatedlumber 01 x11. Item cordlessdrill 01 x11
9 Item sterlizedglass 01 x12, Item treatedlumber 01 x12. Item cordlessdrill 01 x12
10 Item sterlizedglass 01 x13, Item treatedlumber 01 x13. Item cordlessdrill 01 x13
11 Item sterlizedglass 01 x15, Item treatedlumber 01 x15. Item cordlessdrill 01 x15
12 Item sterlizedglass 01 x17, Item treatedlumber 01 x17. Item cordlessdrill 01 x17
13 Item sterlizedglass 01 x19, Item treatedlumber 01 x19. Item cordlessdrill 01 x19
14 Item sterlizedglass 01 x21, Item treatedlumber 01 x21. Item cordlessdrill 01 x21
15 Item sterlizedglass 01 x23, Item treatedlumber 01 x23. Item cordlessdrill 01 x23
Total Item sterlizedglass 01 x157, Item treatedlumber 01 x157. Item cordlessdrill 01 x157


Level Item(s) Stats
Level 1 Item surgicalstapler bronze 01 Surgical Stapler Bronze Icon attack 16x1694 Icon defense 16x16149 Mw tournament icon atk def243
Level 2 Item surgicalstapler silver 01 Surgical Stapler Silver Icon attack 16x1696 Icon defense 16x16152 Mw tournament icon atk def248
Level 3 Item surgicalstapler gold 01 Surgical Stapler Gold Icon attack 16x1697 Icon defense 16x16155 Mw tournament icon atk def252
Level 4 Item fluidshieldmask bronze 01 Fluid Shield Mask Bronze
+3 Stamina icon
Icon attack 16x16158 Icon defense 16x16109 Mw tournament icon atk def267
Level 5 Item fluidshieldmask silver 01 Fluid Shield Mask Silver
+3 Stamina icon
Icon attack 16x16162 Icon defense 16x16112 Mw tournament icon atk def274
Level 6 Item fluidshieldmask gold 01 Fluid Shield Mask Gold
+3 Stamina icon
Icon attack 16x16165 Icon defense 16x16115 Mw tournament icon atk def280
Level 7 Item mobulance bronze 01 Mobulance Bronze
+4 Icon defense 16x16
Icon attack 16x16119 Icon defense 16x16169 Mw tournament icon atk def288
Level 8 Item mobulance silver 01 Mobulance Silver
+4 Icon defense 16x16
Icon attack 16x16120 Icon defense 16x16172 Mw tournament icon atk def292
Level 9 Item mobulance gold 01 Mobulance Gold
+4 Icon defense 16x16
Icon attack 16x16121 Icon defense 16x16175 Mw tournament icon atk def296
Level 10 Item mobulance ruby 01 Mobulance Ruby
+4 Icon defense 16x16
Icon attack 16x16122 Icon defense 16x16178 Mw tournament icon atk def300
Level 11 Item organtrafficker bronze 01 Organ Trafficker Bronze
+5 Icon attack 16x16
Icon attack 16x16181 Icon defense 16x16138 Mw tournament icon atk def319
Level 12 Item organtrafficker silver 01 Organ Trafficker Silver
+5 Icon attack 16x16
Icon attack 16x16184 Icon defense 16x16141 Mw tournament icon atk def325
Level 13 Item organtrafficker gold 01 Organ Trafficker Gold
+5 Icon attack 16x16
Icon attack 16x16187 Icon defense 16x16144 Mw tournament icon atk def331
Level 14 Item organtrafficker ruby 01 Organ Trafficker Ruby
+5 Icon attack 16x16
Icon attack 16x16190 Icon defense 16x16147 Mw tournament icon atk def337
Level 15 Item organtrafficker emerald 01 Organ Trafficker Emerald
+6 Icon attack 16x16
Icon attack 16x16193 Icon defense 16x16150 Mw tournament icon atk def343
Skill Points are not part of the item properties. Each is a reward for building the item.


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