Boss miller
-Image © Zynga 
Status Inactive
Appearance Beat The Feds Challenge
Full Name Miller
Gender Male
Nationality Us American
Occupation Agent
The second boss of the Beat The Feds Challenge

Health RangesEdit

BronzemasteryBoss icon healthheart1,000

SilvermasteryBoss icon healthheart7,200

GoldmasteryBoss icon healthheart28,800


Combat Chopper

Item buzzardcombatchopperbronze 02Icon attack 16x1644 Icon defense 16x1636 Mw tournament icon atk def80

Item buzzardcombatchoppersilver 02Icon attack 16x1668 Icon defense 16x1654 Mw tournament icon atk def122

Item buzzardcombatchoppergold 02Icon attack 16x1690 Icon defense 16x1672 Mw tournament icon atk def162

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