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Mogul Maniac Fearless
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The Maniac personality, is one of the three types of characters that you can choose when you start the game; The other two being Mogul and Fearless. Each character type can generate a certain skill faster than normal. For instance, the Fearless character can generate stamina faster.

Male Female
M maniac F maniac

The Maniac character type regenerates energy faster than the two other character types. This is the most popular choice because energy drives leveling. However, leveling at higher levels is driven mostly by the use of energy packs, and does not rely greatly on energy regeneration. The Maniac is the only character type eligible for being a Top Mafia Button Man. They have a chance to instantly win fights that they initiate.

Maniac in details Edit
Health regeneration

1 per 3 minutes

1 per 2.5 minutes after mastering Soldier tier in NY (with Golden Skull)

Energy regeneration

1 per 3 minutes
1 per 2.5 minutes after mastering Consigliere tier in NY (with Helicopter)
2 per 3 minutes after mastering Boss tier in NY (with Golden Throne)

2 per 2.5 minutes with Helicopter and Golden Throne

Stamina regeneration 1 per 5 minutes
1 per 4.5 minutes after mastering Hitman tier in NY (with Chainsaw Bayonet)
Property Cash Flow in every 60 minutes
Business Normal cash flow in every 3 hours
Top Mafia Bonus Buttonman bonus (They have a chance to instantly win fights that they initiate )

Top Mafia positions Edit

Positions Top Mafia Bonus
Promote mastermind Your Mastermind gains a small chance of gaining 50% more experience when performing jobs (maximum 10% if 14999+ jobs done)
Promote Buttonman ONLY FOR MANIAC
Your Button Man gains a small chance to always win fights they initiate. (NOTE: This occurs when it would normally be a losing fight) (maximum +11 increased attack if 299+ leveled gains)
Promote Bodyguard Your Bodyguard gains a small chance to always win fights when they are attacked (maximum +11 increased defense if 49999+ fights won)
Promote safecraker Your Safecracker gains a small chance to gain double the money when fighting or robbing (maximum 15% if 49999+ successful heists done)

See also Character

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