Pick Mafiya
The Russian Mafia (Russian: Русская мафия, Russkaya mafiya) or Bratva (Братва; slang for "brotherhood", which applies to all gangs, including rivals) — often transliterated as Mafiya — are names designating a diverse group of organized crime syndicates originating in the former Soviet Union, Russia and the CIS. Since the 1991 fall of the Soviet Union, these groups have amassed considerable worldwide power and influence. They are active in virtually every part of Russian society. Russian criminals are internationally active in illegal oil trade, smuggling of weapons and nuclear material and money laundering.
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With the release of Moscow we have been given the option of choosing sides between Vory or Mafiya. The selection for this choice occurs within the 2nd Chapter of each Moscow Job.

The choice can be changed on each Level of mastery and is not made permanent until selection on Level 3 for that particular episode. Someone can choose one side during a particular episode and then during a later episode can choose a completely different side.


To see a comparison of which side to choose, see Vory vs Mafiya.

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