Purchasable items can be bought at the local Mafia Store and resold for half of their original value. These items are not giftable.
See Also Mafia Stores: New York, Cuba, Moscow, Bangkok, Las Vegas, Italy, Brazil, Chicago, London, South Africa


Name Icon-attack Attack Icon-defense Defense Cost
Baseball Bat
Item baseballbat
1 0 Nyc cash icon20
Item crowbar
1 1 Nyc cash icon20
.45 Cal Pistol
Item 1911
10 7 Nyc cash icon500
Sawed-off Shotgun
Item shotgun
9 12 Nyc cash icon1,000
Hand Grenade
Item grenade
2 3 Nyc cash icon3,000
Machine Gun
Item machinepistol
15 12 Nyc cash icon10,000
Item hacksaw
6 3 Nyc cash icon10,000
Tommy Gun
Item tommy
12 10 Nyc cash icon20,000
Chain Gun
Item minigun
16 14 Nyc cash icon100,000
Bonus Weapon
Item minigun bonus
20 20 Nyc cash icon200,000
Serrated Knife
Item serratedknife 01
8 8 Nyc cash icon100
Sniper Rifle
Item SniperRifle 01
12 12 Nyc cash icon5,500
Grenade Launcher
Item GrenadeLauncher 01
14 13 Nyc cash icon20,000
Automatic Rifle
Item AutomaticRifle 01
18 15 Nyc cash icon100,000


Name Icon-attack Attack Icon-defense Defense Cost
Bullet Proof Vest
Item bulletproof
5 8 Nyc cash icon500
Body Armor
Item bodyarmor
8 12 Nyc cash icon16,000
Tactical Vest
Item tacticalvest 01
12 17 Nyc cash icon24,000


Name Icon-attack Attack Icon-defense Defense Cost
Item motorcycle
7 7 Nyc cash icon8,500
Delivery Truck
Item delivery truck-02
9 9 Nyc cash icon15,000
Item sedan-02
4 5 Nyc cash icon20,000
Armored Sedan
Item armored sedan-02
4 6 Nyc cash icon30,000
Getaway Cruiser
Item getaway cruiser-02
8 12 Nyc cash icon50,000
Town Car
Item towncar-02
10 12 Nyc cash icon200,000
Speed Boat
Item speedboat-02
0 0 Nyc cash icon400,000
Sports Car
Item SportsCar 02
8 10 Nyc cash icon30,000
Luxury Car
Item LuxuryCar 01
12 15 Nyc cash icon75,000
Armored Limo
Item ArmoredLimo 01
19 22 Nyc cash icon200,000
Combat Truck
Item CombatTruck 01
23 23 Nyc cash icon400,000


Name Icon-attack Attack Icon-defense Defense Cost
Red Tailed Hawk
Item RedTailedHawk 01
25 22 Nyc cash icon300,000


Name Effect Cost
Extra Pair of Eyes
Extra Pair of Eyes image
+3 fight Icon-defense skill Nyc cash icon20,000
Hot Coffee
Hot Coffee image
+5 Icon-attack skill Nyc cash icon200,000

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