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Mafia Poker
Available from July 16, 2012
Available until July 26, 2012


Mafia Poker is a the Five Card Poker game. You get 5 cards where you need to get the best combination with the 5 cards. Unlike the real Five Card Poker game you can discard your cards unlimited times (unless you run out of cards).

Mafia Poker FAQ

Game MasteryEdit

Item Wins Combined Mw tournament icon atk def
Item prongedlizard bronze 01
Pronged Lizard Bronze
10 Icon attack 16x16145 Icon defense 16x16110 Mw tournament icon atk def255
Item prongedlizard silver 01
Pronged Lizard Silver
25 Icon attack 16x16155 Icon defense 16x16115 Mw tournament icon atk def270
Item prongedlizard gold 01
Pronged Lizard Gold
50 Icon attack 16x16165 Icon defense 16x16120 Mw tournament icon atk def285
Item prongedlizard ruby 01
Pronged Lizard Ruby
80 Icon attack 16x16175 Icon defense 16x16125 Mw tournament icon atk def300
Item prongedlizard emerald 01
Pronged Lizard Emerald
120 Icon attack 16x16185 Icon defense 16x16130 Mw tournament icon atk def315

Mafia Poker S7

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