Mafia Poker is a the Five Card Poker game. You get 5 cards where you need to get the best combination with the 5 cards. Unlike the real Five Card Poker game you can discard your cards unlimted times (unless you run out of cards).

Mafia Poker FAQ


Hello Mafia Players,

We are aware that some of you are experiencing the following issue: Mafia Poker Issues

  • Issue: Some players report that their "Draw" button goes missing. Others report that, even after understanding that we consider the Ace the highest card, not the lowest, they will sometimes lose with a winning hand, such as two pairs vs. the dealer having just one.
  • Status: We have determined that most, if not all, of these issues are the result of playing Mafia Wars in multiple tabs/windows and/or with scripts. Please try disabling any scripts you may be using and playing the game in only one tab or window. If, after doing this, you still experience any issues with Mafia Poker, please add your details to this Bug Report.
  • Workaround: Disable scripts and play Mafia Wars in only one tab/window at a time. If you know of another workaround for this issue, please Submit A Workaround.


The Mafia Wars Team

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Rank of HandsEdit

Rank of Hands


Overview of Mastery Rewards for each of the mafia poker season, attack and defense values represent maximum values for a fully completed mafia poker season. Each mafia poker season runs for 1 week. For more details on each mafia poker season check the individual pages.

Mafia Poker: Season 1 Mafia Poker: Season 2 Mafia Poker: Season 3 Mafia Poker: Season 4
Item fortuneteller emerald 01
Fortune Teller
Icon attack 16x16105 Icon defense 16x16160 Mw tournament icon atk def265
Item single malt emerald 01
Single Malt
Icon attack 16x16162 Icon defense 16x16106 Mw tournament icon atk def268
Item cloudedleopard emerald 01
Clouded Leopard
Icon attack 16x16111 Icon defense 16x16165 Mw tournament icon atk def276
Item kickboxer emerald 01
Icon attack 16x16170 Icon defense 16x16115 Mw tournament icon atk def285
Mafia Poker: Season 5 Mafia Poker: Season 6 Mafia Poker: Season 7 Mafia Poker: Season 8
Item nightbrawler emerald 01
Night Brawler
Icon attack 16x16175 Icon defense 16x16120 Mw tournament icon atk def295
Item bohemian emerald 01
Icon attack 16x16180 Icon defense 16x16125 Mw tournament icon atk def305
Item prongedlizard emerald 01
Pronged Lizard
Icon attack 16x16185 Icon defense 16x16130 Mw tournament icon atk def315
Item punkedcanon emerald 01
Punked Canon
Icon attack 16x16190 Icon defense 16x16135 Mw tournament icon atk def325
Mafia Poker: Season 9 Mafia Poker: Season 10 Mafia Poker: Season 11 Mafia Poker: Season 12
Item janitor emerald 01
Icon attack 16x16208 Icon defense 16x16152 Mw tournament icon atk def360