Louie's Deli is the first New York property. It becomes available after level 5 when the property tab unlocks. Its initial cost in a diminutive $1000 and its income is $250 per hour. It cannot
Louie's Deli

Louie's Deli (Fully Upgraded)

be upgraded and so its income never changes. This makes it extremely profitable as it pays itself off after 4 hours.

As of January 19, 2010, it was no longer included in the New York hourly income total.

No one lives at Louie's Deli, however it is situated near the homes of Agostino Cleto, Luis Castana and Detective West. On the property tab scroll menu, it is situated beside the Flophouse.

With the release of Manhattan in 2010, it has been removed from the game version available to new players but all players who joined with a previous version still have access to it.

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