This is the new loot system that replaces Limited Time:$10,000 loot.

What happens here is on the Mafia Wars home page, where the limited edition item is, there is a link that says "Loot Shipment". Click this and a link will be posted on your homepage for your mafia family and friends to loot. The more people loot, the better. Once they've looted, the "Loot Shipment" button will be replaced with a "Collect Your Take" button. Click this, and you will get your item.

Ex. If 4 members loot your shipment, you get 4 of the item.

Another way of getting this item is to go to FIGHT > DECLARE WAR. War some player who doesn't play much for an easy victory. Once you've won, there is a button that will say reward your friends (if any of your friends have participated). If you click this, YOU and your friends will receive one of the item.


Name Icon-attack Attack Icon-defense Defense Date Available
Idaho Special
Item idahospecial 01
22 15 November 19, 2009
Dentist's Drill
Item dentistsdrill 01
21 11 December 4, 2009
Modified Tommy Gun
Item modifiedtommygun 01
21 13 December 7, 2009
Alley Apple
Item alleyapple 01
21 15 January 20, 2010
Cue Ball
Item cueball 01
19 16 February 2, 2010


Name Icon-attack Attack Icon-defense Defense Date Available
Ugly Sweater
Item uglysweater 01
15 18 December 18, 2009
Item drago 01
15 25 January 7, 2010


Name Icon-attack Attack Icon-defense Defense Date Available
Power Plough
Item powerplough 01
20 16 November 25, 2009

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