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Vegas sweepstakes arrow smallGet ready for the Explosion. We're blowing up an armored truck once 10 million players visit Mafia Wars Las Vegas. Vegas sweepstakes txt 25kgrand
Enter for a chance to take home $25,000 in cash. Get one entry in the grand prize drawing when you visit Las Vegas. Receive an additional entry for each member of your mafia that visits Vegas.
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Each week 10 lucky people will win custom Mafia Wars iPads. Enter the weekly drawing for a chance to win.
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Vegas sweepstakes arrow smallWe'll stream the event live from Las Vegas on
Vegas sweepstakes arrow smallWatch the countdown to see when the truck gets obliterated!
Watch the trailer:

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Las Vegas Sweepstakes
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Available from August 3, 2010
Available until August 19, 2010
Type Special

When 10,000,000 players are reached in Las Vegas.

Rules can be found here.


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When the goal of 10 million players was met, Mafia Wars gave out a free Hill's Armored Transport. You're able to get it in the Marketplace for a limited time. A player can have only 1 Hill's Armored Transport.

Item hillsarmoredtransport 01Icon-attack27Icon-defense59

Televised EventEdit

On August 19th, 2010 it was revealed that Snoop Dogg would detonate the truck at 6pm on the same day (Pacific Standard Time)

Mafia Wars Truck Explosion01:37

Mafia Wars Truck Explosion


Mafia Wars In Las Vegas00:00

Mafia Wars In Las Vegas

Gallery Edit

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