Each city has his own Properties to increase your cash. You need to invest your cash in them or collect the items required to built them.

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Property Picture Base Income Extra Income per Level Max. Level Time to Collect
Slots Slots5 small 1,500 Vegas-chip 1,000 Vegas-chip 5 Stars 4 Hours
Table Games Tablegames5 small 4,500 Vegas-chip 3,000 Vegas-chip 5 Stars 8 Hours
Restaurant Restaurant5 small 7,500 Vegas-chip 5,000 Vegas-chip 5 Stars 12 Hours
Poker Room Poker5 small 20,000 Vegas-chip 10,000 Vegas-chip 5 Stars 24 Hours
Hotel Hotel5 small 42,000 Vegas-chip 24,000 Vegas-chip 5 Stars 48 hours
Fountain Fountain5 small 7,000 Vegas-chip 6,000 Vegas-chip 5 Stars 6 hours
Vault Vault5 n/a n/a 5 Stars n/a

Las Vegas Casino Popup


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