Las Vegas Loot Event
Available from June 25, 2010
Available until June 30, 2010
Type Loot Event

The Las Vegas Loot Event was a Loot Event that took place from June 25, 2010 to June 30, 2010. This event celebrated the upcoming release of the Las Vegas expansion. As with several Loot Events in the past, special loot drops during jobs and fights. By collecting all seven of the special items, the player is rewarded with a limited edition Jackpot.

Lv popup title

Vegas lootevent banner preview

Vegas Loot Popup


You can get loot items from jobs and fights. Maximum number of loot drops is capped at 71 pieces (10 each plus the bonus weapon). However, Zynga states on their support site (as of at least June 26, 2010) that the total combined maximum number of Vegas loot obtainable is 35, and no more loot will drop once that total limit is reached. Whether or not Zynga's claim is actually true is a subject of debate as some users claim to have more than the maximum 35 loot drops.

Item Type Icon attack 16x16 Attack Icon defense 16x16 Defense Drop From
Item bigblind 01
Big Blind
Weapons 52 25 Fights
Item casinoguard 01
Casino Guard
Armor 48 28 Fights
Item stageshowtiger 01
Stage Show Tiger
Animals 28 50 Fights
Item thehighroller 01
High Roller
Vehicles 46 23 Jobs
Item royalflush 01
Royal Flush
Weapons 48 25 Jobs
Item suitofsuits 01
Suit of Suits
Armor 46 24 Jobs
Item vivalasvegas 01
Viva Las Vegas
Armor 27 50 Jobs
Item thejackpot 01
Weapons 30 54 Collect all 7 Items

Shared RewardEdit

Vegaspromo feed2

When you first find an item, you are asked if you want to share a reward with your mafia members. Ergo, you can share up to seven rewards. You can claim one reward per day from every mafia member. You can only collect 10 Bonus Loot Vegas event.

The possible rewards are Magnetic Lock, Deposit Box, Reinforced Steel, Motion Sensor and Security Camera (possibly more). These are Las Vegas Consumables required to construct your own Casino Vault.

It is possible to get these comsumables via Mystery Bags after adding them to your wishlist with the Wishlist Adder.


Magnetic Lock Deposit Box Reinforced Steel Motion Sensor Security Camera
Item magneticlock 01 Item depositbox 01 Item reinforcedsteel 01 Item motionsensor 01 Item securitycamera 01


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