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Kassina Kunoichi
-Image © Zynga 
Status Inactive
Appearance Eliminate Kassina Kunoichi
Full Name Kassina Kunoichi
Gender Female
Nationality Jp Japanese

  • You think only Japanese schoolgirls can be assassins? Think again!
  • You are a worthy adversary. You must have trained in Shaolin martial arts.


Bronzemastery Boss icon healthheart 5,000
Silvermastery Boss icon healthheart 20,000
Goldmastery Boss icon healthheart 35,000


Kassina's Caracal

Bronzemastery Item caracal bronze 01 Icon attack 16x1695 Icon defense 16x16126 Mw tournament icon atk def221
Silvermastery Item caracal silver 01 Icon attack 16x16105 Icon defense 16x16146 Mw tournament icon atk def251
Goldmastery Item caracal gold 01 Icon attack 16x16115 Icon defense 16x16166 Mw tournament icon atk def281

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