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Item Yakuza Mantis 75x75 02
-Image © Zynga
Available On Facebook March 21, 2009
Type Weapons
Quality Inventory-common-icon Common
Icon attack 16x16 Attack 13
Icon defense 16x16 Defense 17
Mw tournament icon atk def Combined 30
Source Yakuza Crate
Gift Safe House
Icon buy 18x13 01 Buy Icon-gf-coin 1
Subtypes Melee , Antique
Giftable Inventory-gift-icon Giftable
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Mw wishlist-feed 90x90
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Date Events
March 21, 2009 Yakuza Crate
December 21, 2009 Gift Safe House

Trivia Edit

  • A Kama is an Okinawan and Japanese traditional farming implement similar to a sickle used for reaping crops and also employed as a weapon.

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