July 4th 2009
Available from July 3, 2009
Available until July 6, 2009
Type Loot Event

July 4th 2009 was a Loot Event that took place from July 3, 2009 to July 6, 2009. This event was done to celebrate United States Independence Day 2009. As with all Loot Events, special loot would drop during jobs and fights that could be obtained by the player. This was the first Loot Event to take place and was the only one to have giftable loot, no vehicles, and no crates offered afterward.


Name Icon-attack Attack Icon-defense Defense Rarity
Bayonet Wishlist
Item revolutionary bayonet 75x75 01
4 14 Mafiawars crates common
Pair of Flintlock Pistols Wishlist
Item revolutionary flintlockpistols 75x75 01
14 6 Mafiawars crates common
Saber Wishlist
Item revolutionary saber 75x75 01
17 13 Mafiawars crates common
Musket Wishlist
Item revolutionary musket 75x75 01
25 5 Mafiawars crates uncommon
Cannon Wishlist
Item revolutionary cannon 75x75 01
33 7 Mafiawars crates rare


Name Icon-attack Attack Icon-defense Defense Rarity
Tri-Point Hat Wishlist
Item revolutionary tripointhat 75x75 01
8 12 Mafiawars crates common
Davy Crockett Hat Wishlist
Item revolutionary davycrocketthat 75x75 01
21 9 Mafiawars crates uncommon
Red Coat Wishlist
Item revolutionary redcoat 75x75 01
8 38 Mafiawars crates rare


There were no vehicles available with this event.

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